What are the Types, Topics, and Tricks for Writing an Essay?

Posted on: 16th May 2020

Can I get someone to write my essay? Why is writing a perfect essay so hard? Crafting an essay can sometimes seem to be way beyond our powers. I understand how boring it can be to write a paper, especially one that you have little interest in.

Writing an essay shouldn’t be so hard. You only need to figure out how to write an excellent paper and find ways to have fun while writing it. That’s right. Have fun.

Most scholars believe students fail to perform well in essays because they focus on external rewards. External rewards include getting your teacher's approval or getting high grades. In most cases, students want to do as less work as possible while trying to write something that can impress their professor or teacher.

So, stop writing essays that are good and instead try crafting something interesting. Talk about something fascinating. Find a way to express yourself uniquely. Although you are airing your opinions, always follow all the guidelines and instructions in your assignment. With that, you will have fun writing your essay as well as get better grades.

What Is an Essay?

An essay is a short piece of work that supports your proposition. It presents your point of view on a given matter. As a writer, providing more and more evidence in your work helps you validate your opinions.

Common Types of Essays

A good way to start learning how to write your paper is to understand the different types of essays that commonly used in university, college, and high-school. The following are the most common categories of essays you will interact with.

• Narrative Essays

In a narrative paper, you talk about an incident that occurred to you or tell a story. It’s a personal piece of writing where you express your views to your reader.  This paper usually uses the first person “I” and uses concise language. The aim is to write something that will make your reader feel like he/she was there when it happened. Thus, you need to use imagery writing and make your paper as real and as vivid as possible.

• Descriptive Essays

This paper is about describing a place, an event, or an object. However, it does not only describe but also paint a picture of what you are talking about. The use of metaphors, analogies, allegories, personification, and similes are the most common literary tools used while crafting this paper. They help your reader visualize what you are talking about. A good example is writing about your first experience in college. Do you remember how it was?

• Expository Essays

This is one of the most commonly used essays in assignments and exams. To write this kind of paper, you will have to understand the topic and theme of your essay. This will help you come up with ideas that you will talk about in the rest of your paper. You will provide evidence about your ideas and even go ahead and analyze them. It’s important that you indicate the similarities and/or differences between events, people, subjects, or locations.

• Persuasive Essays

Also known as an argumentative essay, this type of assignment lets you state your position or point of view about a chosen topic or problem. It’s a bit similar to an expository essay, but it’s more detailed since it involves the use of well-researched quantitative and qualitative data. This data is crucial in supporting your position. This paper is also among the most common types of assignments you will be writing about. Remember, you are trying to convince your reader that your point of view is valid.

Steps for Writing Your Essay

Whether you love or detest crafting essays, the following 6 steps will help you save time, reduce stress, and improve the quality of your paper.

i)       Pick a Topic

Your teacher or professor may assign you a topic or allow you to come up with your topic based on a question. When given a topic, always think about the kind of paper you want to generate. If you are not assigned a topic, choose a relevant topic that interests you. Are you looking to persuade, educate, or narrate a story? Do some research on that topic and evaluate your opinions.

ii)     Write an Outline of Your Ideas

To write an excellent essay, you need to organize your thoughts.  An outline serves as a structure and foundation of your paper. Start by crafting your topic and then list your main ideas. Leave some space under each idea. If there have other smaller ideas within the main idea, don’t forget to include them. An outline helps you write an organized essay.

iii)   Write A Thesis Statement

After you have selected your topic and written your main and sub-ideas, you need to come up with your thesis statement. A thesis statement involves telling a reader your position on a given subject matter. It usually has two parts. One part states the topic of discussion, and the other part states your point of view about that topic.

iv)        Write the Introduction

After writing the body, start crafting your body. Ensure your introduction captures your reader’s attention by making it fascinating. You can begin with a short story, a “hook,” a quote, a shocking revelation, a topic summary, or even a dialogue. Moreover, your introduction has to be tied to your thesis statement.

v)     Write the Body

You must begin by crafting your body before the introduction. This is because the body is the main part of your paper. It’s where you write your quotations, statistics, and arguments and requires the most revision. Also, when you are through with your body, you already know how your introduction and conclusion will look like.

Vi)   Write the Conclusion

Your conclusion sums up your paper’s main idea and also provides your thoughts about the topic under discussion. Always give your conclusion the same weight as the introduction. You should never introduce new ideas in your conclusion. It should be short: three to five sentences.

Tips for Crafting an Excellent Essay

I)       Familiarize With the Topic

The amount of time you take to familiarize yourself with your topic greatly influences the quality of your paper. So, how can you familiarize yourself with a topic? Look for sources or other people’s work that can give you an insight into your topic. If you are stuck, seek help from your fellow students or teacher.

Ii)      Research

Before you write, you have to read. You must have adequate knowledge about what you want to write. Researching will give you an insight into your paper content. This is because reading other people’s work helps you build and develop various concepts.

Iii)    Don’t Fake It

Your professor or teacher knows when you have little knowledge about a given topic. Having a lot of fluff in your paper shows that you have little knowledge about that topic. Instead of bulking up your essay, write sentences that provide value to the reader. If a sentence isn’t necessary or adding value, get rid of it.

Iv)    Proofread Your Work

Never submit your paper without making sure it’s free of grammar errors. Revise your grammar rules to avoid using the wrong form of verbs, tenses, sentence structure, punctuation, and other grammatical terms. Proofreading will also help you avoid unnecessary spelling errors. For any type of writing, correct spelling is crucial for competent writing.

V)     Stay Relevant

Essay questions are not the same. Some are easy to answer compared to others, and you may decide to take the easy way out. It’s wrong. Your teacher or professor will easily tell if you decided to address the topic of your paper in its fullness. As such, always tackle the big issue in question.

Vi)   Build and Use Your Vocabulary Properly

As a student, you can’t express yourself well if you lack good vocabulary.  Developing a good vocabulary allows you to be more persuasive in your essay. It lets you display your intelligence by effectively communicating using advanced vocabularies. Therefore, read widely and use your dictionary to refer to anything you don’t know.

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