Basics of Writing a Research Paper: Abstract and Introduction

Posted on: 9th May 2020

The article covers about the real meaning of a research paper, how to start a research paper, its types, how to write down the introduction, thesis statement, how to write an attractive introduction, what is research paper abstract, and how to write an outline. Also, you have studied about the tips to write down a catchy introduction to engage readers in their research work. These are all keys points to write a descriptive paper that a writer must keep in mind before they start researching for a particular topic. They must be clear with these essential points.

What is a Research Paper

To define an essay in an extended form, we call it a research paper. Whenever we listen to this word, one may develop an image of books, articles, or reading through treasure objects to gain knowledge regarding a specific topic. However, for a research paper topic, only these resources are not all enough. It needs a perspective that needs information beyond your imagination. It needs your creativity and interpretation to write down a research paper. In this, you will once mention what things you know but considering them in detail as per research by experts. 

What are the different types of research papers?

Research papers are like an essay and thus include different types. If you are making an assignment, then it is essential to have a research paper idea for preparation. Here we have some different research papers types:

• Argumentative Research Paper

For these research papers, you have to make arguments between two exactly opposite topics. However, the cases must be in a way that research engages himself in it. Site up different arguments from both sides. However, in the end, the conclusion is based on only one out of them. Try your best to make a reader follow your side in this research paper. However, both logical and statistical data are essential in it.

• Analytical Research Paper

Once you start making questions, you start analyzing different data with viewpoints. Also, you keep focusing on finding data and making conclusions on it. Everyone has different views to define and analyze a topic, and thus, they make personal research paper conclusions to it. Therefore stay neutral for this never show only negative or positive points of an issue.

• Definition Paper

The definition research paper topic includes personal emotions and views to provide information for both hands. Naturally, this research paper has various facts and sources. However, you must not consider the unanalyzed facts.

• Interpretative Paper

Interpretative means knowledge from a case study. The best example of analytical research is a study of legal situations. In this, the writer has to gather supportive data and prepare a theoretical framework. 

• Comparing and Contrast

Comparing defines making differences between the two topics. While comparing make sure, you have explained both sides with each pro and cons. Put contrast on both thesis and support one at the end.

• Causes and Effect Paper

These research paper topics are prevalent among school and college students. They make probable results for all the research performed, and thus they even answer to most common questions define “Why” and “What.” It reflects the answer to causes and the effects. 

• Survey Research paper

Survey means to ask questions and gather answers for it. Thus it helps to collect all the necessary information you want for a research paper. It helps to analyze the answers to questions that you must be searching for a long time.

• Experimental Research Paper

Experimental research paper means a description of practical knowledge you gain after experimenting. This research paper type is prevalent among chemistry, physics, or biology students. In this, students will surely reach out to an outcome with actions performed. Also, they help in supporting data to experiment sufficiently.

How to start a research paper?

Before you start writing, clear yourself that what a research paper needs. Once you start writing, you should consider an example to know the research paper outline as given by professionals. Here are the points to know before writing.

• Choosing the right topic

It is not sure if an item will provide you with the right amount of information or not. Thus it's better to go for the one that is interesting for you. Otherwise, you will be tired of this tedious research work.

• Gather information

Gather all the crucial points that you want to add in your research paper. Thus, before you start writing, it's better to have good information on the research paper topic in a well-defined way. You can take help from books or surf the internet to gather all the data.

• State the thesis statement

For a successful research paper, it must have an attractive thesis statement. Thus while you compose a thesis statement, pay hard attention to it because it will decide if it will be successful in future reference or not. Once you crack this, start drafting your principal body.

• Create a Research Paper outline

Consider making a proper research paper outline format that will let you decide its original format. The basic form means introduction, body, and research paper conclusion. You can even choose how much defined format you want in your research paper?

• Make an attractive introduction

For sure, introduction means to define your topic in a well-defined way. At the end of the research paper introduction, you have to write down a thesis statement. The thesis statement means beginning to attractive sentences.

• Drafting Research paper Conclusion

The conclusion means the ending of your research work. It means a brief description of what you have mentioned in the research. In will all the significant aspects that you have mentioned in the main topic. 

• No personal opinions

For a research paper, you must not include your views on it. It must be logical and formal language.


How to write down Research Paper Outline?

Creating an outline is quite challenging but the useful part. Be focused and spend maximum time in creating a research paper outline. A student has to put proper thought into having a successful research paper.

However, follow these pre-writing steps to create an outline of a research paper.

Create a topic that you are more friendly to outline it. An outline of a research paper acts as the basis of any research. The initial framework includes an introduction, body, and conclusion. These three are must in the outline to form a better shape of it.

The simple outline of a research paper is as follows

For the introduction part, the draft is as follows:


• Hook

• Audience Definition

• Final thesis Statement

For the body part, the outline format is:


• Argument supporting the thesis

• Argument supporting the thesis

• Argument supporting the thesis

For the third and conclusion part:


• A brief descript summary of arguments

• Call to action

How to write an abstract for a research paper?

A research paper abstract is a summary of 300 words in one paragraph. The essential things that a writer must include are the overall study of the research problem, the design you have chosen for the study, a summary of the conclusion, and the results you concluded with analysis. 

What is the importance of an abstract in the research paper?

Generally, your guide will ask you for the abstract research paper. It means, in brief, you have to write about the whole so that it helps the reader to find if it is of their interest or not. Thus be careful while writing an abstract as it must be useful for the reader. 

How can you say you have right and enough data for writing an abstract?

One simple way is to consider yourself as a researcher, and you want to research the same topic. Thus write in a way putting you in the same situation. This will help you understand what people think before reading. Think if abstract content is only enough to access with the extraordinary amount of information or not. Find if your abstract is describing the whole part of your research or not. If your answer is not right, then it is better to revise the abstract.

How to describe a research abstract?

You need to understand your topic first in detail and find the important outcomes from it. Find the type of abstract you are going to write down. The abstract depends upon the topic and the important features of the same. There are mainly four general types of abstracts

• Descriptive Abstract

• Critical Abstract

• Informative Abstract

• Highlight Abstract


Research Paper Abstract Formatting

The abstract is to be written in one paragraph, only making a block. It must not include any paragraph indentations. Many researchers add abstract following the title page. However, you must not number it anyhow. Centre the word abstract first appearing on the top of the page and then double space between your paragraph and the word Abstract.

What things should a research paper abstract should not contain in it?

• Make sure the abstract must not have a lengthy background description

• There must be no redundancy or unnecessary adjectives, adverbs, and repetitive sentences. 

• Do not use the abbreviation in an abstract

• Do not refer to other literature because you have to prompt the reader to use your paper for further research.

• Make abstract simple. It must not include any Jagron or confusing sentences.

• Do not use incomplete sentences or add an image, figure, table, or an illustration.

How to write an introduction to a research paper?

The introduction is the very first part of a research paper. It is the part that helps the reader to know what a research paper all about. Thus for a writer, it is a must to focus on research paper introduction. For the intro part, first, define the topic and its notion. Also, decide on other important factors to help understand your research paper in a better way.

In the introduction, it is essential to know the context of the topic as this would help readers to understand what a research paper is all about. Thus, we can even say that to write a research paper introduction, and you need to be much focused. Take your time to define everything accurately. 

Make the starting of your to be very interesting such that the reader would engage himself in it. It helps to decide to learn and research. Prepare a hypothesis for this that will help to find how to conclude a research paper. Thus introduction is the apparent part of your research.

• Different points to consider while writing a research paper introduction

What must you include in your introduction part? Here is the list of sub-topics that are must in the research paper outline and thus follow them as per guidelines.

• Introduce your topic first by defining it

The topic definition is the basis for writing a research paper. However, it also depends on what angle do you observe this topic. For essential words, it is essential to capitalize on them that will reflect them to be different from original words.

• Create the background part

Start writing with the general definition first and then start defining its background to reach to your motive. Try to deepen your topic background from the beginning but keep explaining the topic and history deeply. 

• Now give a brief what you have carried out in your research

Start developing your statement currently. Start referring to the books and literature for your referral. However, this part can be a bit subjective. You can prove your point in this brief subject intro. However, take the help of modern researchers and philosophers. 

• State your main goal

To define a purpose is the primary matter in the research paper beginning. Once you have a set goal, then it’s better to give a right thought to it. It gives a description of how you think and your attitude towards meeting your goal. Define your goal in a precise way. It must state how a reader should engage himself in it.

• Tell how your research has been important

State how your research paper topic is good for the readers to read and engage them in it. It will emphasize them to read your paper. Thus make sure it will be significant for the reader while reading. 

• Give a thesis statement of the research paper

A thesis statement is to conclude the research paper introduction. It’s like a summary of the presentation. In this summary, make sure everything is finished what you have included in your introduction. Do not go for a complicated research thesis statement. This will only decide what a reader will be going to learn in the complete paper body. It means the thesis is a tone to your research paper. 

• Conclude research paper introduction

A research paper outline is essential when you have written your introduction part. However, it does not mean to write a complete essay structure, but still, you have to emphasize the few aspects. It will depict your work. Outline the introduction part in the whole research paper. However, an essay structure can help you in this to have great ideas. 

Writing tips for research paper introduction

How to write down the introduction to a research paper?

Explain your topic concept

Many times writing includes the complicated concepts that are not easy for a usual reader to understand. Thus it would take time for them to explain these all in the best way. Therefore you need to change the terms that are causing complications in the reading process.

Write a quotation first

If you want to capture the attention of the reader, then write down a reference in the beginning. A teacher would feel impressed with this. It is good to write down quotes for certain subjects like English, History, and humanities. The reader will develop a good picture in his mind for your research work. They will keep in mind that you added something extra. It brings striking effects. 

Communicate with the structure

A reader must not only think about your research topic but also he must understand how much hard work you have done for this one. A research paper introduction must follow some particular structure that would help a teacher to move through different subjects. It will make all senses for your work. Make sure that a reader must be able to gather for what you have written on the topic. He must think that research is genuine and most valuable.

How can you write a good introduction part?

The introduction must be matching to your topic and the background. It must be according to help the reader so that they gain something new from your research. You must go through a smooth question, and with a flow of the topic, you have chosen such that it facilitates the reader.

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