Top 54 Argumentative Essay Topics That Will Inspire Your Writing

Posted on: 11th May 2020

You have spent a great deal of time thinking of a spicy and controversial topic, right? Good argumentative essay topics would be nothing less than that. Read through and grasp the criterion of making an argumentative essay topic. It would turn out a must-read for all.

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What is an Argumentative Essay?

It is a type of essay in which you choose a topic, take a position on either side and support it. The evidence for supporting your viewpoint should come from well-researched facts.

Controversial argumentative essay topics strengthen your debating capabilities. This training improves your grades in written works and further prepares you for public speaking in the future.

Critical Qualities for Argumentative Essay Writing

A lot of writing is required to succeed in the English class. The topics you are asked to write about continue getting complex as you move through high school to college.  Argumentative topics get more complicated to choose when you have no discretion to decide. [Best custom essay writing]

If there were degrees of complexity, then argumentative essay topics rank the top. Therefore, any excellent student in the argumentative essay needs to have the following qualities:

Super Writing Skills

Argumentative essay format draws from polished writing skills and wins the reader’s attention. A proper organization of the points and supplying consistent evidence is needed. Tackle your position sufficiently, and the audience will accept it. Writing format and style establishes whether one researched well or has strong analytical skills. [Buy quality essay online]

Good Research Skills

You need excellent research skills to be a top scorer in argumentative essays. Always get an engaging topic. Then conduct an objective search by brainstorming related ideas. From there, do extensive research on all aspects and wrap up every thought with all related facts supporting them from sources.

Analytical skills

The analytical skills needed in finding a topic for an argumentative essay involve breaking a broad theory or composite idea into parts. You, therefore, conceptualize these parts and support them with evidence.

Show a clear line of thought for each fragment of the broad concept. Through brainstorming observing patterns and interpreting data, establish logic for each argument in your stance.

It is advisable to seek assistance if you have a weak point in one of the above qualities. 

How to Select an Argumentative Essay Topic?

Topics for argumentative essay selected for you by the tutor are not always the best thing you can ever encounter. In most cases, the assigned subjects are difficult. What if you have the freedom to choose a topic? You would challenge yourself to think and search for a debatable subject. [Cheap essay writing services]

Sources of Good Argumentative Topics

Research and analytical skills are useful in this stage and beyond. The choice of references needs to be not only reliable but also time-tested. The following are the primary sources that you can turn to when choosing a topic and writing an argumentative topic on the same:

  • Textbooks as they help you brainstorm on ideas learned in class to come up with a topic relevant to your coursework
  • Academic journals which are peer-reviewed and contain unbiased studies which gave results that you can use to support your position
  • Books which explores topics in detail without a mix of ideas and bias. The books keep on informing in each subsequent editions. Topics for argumentative essay coined from the book are easy to defend through documented evidence.
  • Official reports of agencies and organizations. The reports can give evidentiary support to your claim. The organization could be having the upper hand in the topic; hence their facts are reliable.
  • Documentaries for they contain insights about controversial ideas interwoven in the film. They illustrate the issues and evidence tacitly for supporting either of the positions
  • Scientific magazines that continue updating on phenomenon regularly making them reliable for backing up your unpopular stance. Good argumentative essay topics need support that is scientifically proven.
  • Newspapers since they keep giving masses divergent opinions so that each subjectively picks one. This division on the same idea is a fertile ground for establishing an excellent argumentative topic whose position you can defend

The use of the primary sources above also applies to the experts. If you have chosen an issue in your field, it is advisable to select the relevant sources. Using these and a proper academic writing style engages the audience throughout the essay. [Buy Cheap Essay Online]

Before Settling On an Argumentative Topic

The main goal of topic choice is engaging the audience in the debate effectively. The topic must be exceptional so that the readers read with bated breaths. The following tips give you the techniques of settling to a great topic:

  • Consider your interest and what turns on your reasoning. Pick an idea for the topic from this as you are likely to deliver well on what you like.
  • Decide on a concept where every party in the audience has a contra opinion. As you present argumentative they will all read attentively to have a single solution the problem
  • If it is within your power to choose the topic, then target an audience that would scarcely agree with you. This way the argumentatively will be worth writing
  • Let the argumentative essay topic address a problem that many people are not informed on
  • Pay attention to rumors and everyday talk. What everyone is discussing without reaching a definite end should be your topic

Refining the Argumentative Essay Topic

After choosing several argumentative topics, narrow your choices down to a single one. Below are the tips for consideration to come up with a more specific topic:

  • Select on a topic that is debatable enough to spark the most heated argument. Avoid issues whose arguments have been silenced by century-long inventions and facts
  • Choose a topic that has no obvious way of solving the clash of ideas
  • Base your argument essay on a critical matter that raises conflicts in the global sphere
  • A slight tendency for people to agree on the topic should make you very reluctant to pick it
  • Choose topics that steam into a heated political debate. Such issues come from the organizations’ policies and shaky legislation of a state. Questions on public policy and traditional social problems give a topic worth discussing
  • Lastly, avoid issues that touch on sensitive aspects of social life, such as gender, race, and religion. The argumentative essay may be marked with prejudice towards your stand and earn you lower grades.

Sometimes you may choose a topic, but the audience agrees with your position. The argument essay position, however, must not agree with the audience. You need to switch to the opposite side and base your argumentative essay on it.

Brief Approach of Argumentative Essay

Argumentative essay outline depends on the proper approach of tackling your argumentative essay. The following is a summary of the whole procedure of writing an argumentative essay:

  • Do preliminary research to find the topic depending on the tips identified above
  • Carry out secondary research to gather all the ideas to support your position. This research also entails the collection of credible sources for use in citation
  • Choose the latest facts to support the opinions of your position
  • Writing a draft of the argumentative essay
  • Organizing the paper into your final draft by checking the relevancy of your points. You should logically take the audience through the controversy
  • Proofreading and editing for the most presentable argumentative essay

Examples of Argumentative Essay Topic

We have brainstormed and came up with various topics to help you navigate the thinking process. Argumentative research paper topics found all over on the internet would help get a clear pattern of the wording of the topics. Below is a reputable list of various argumentative essay topics. This list will give you a clue on how to get started in your search for a contentious topic:

Sports Topic 

1. Allyson Felix must have doped to break Usain Bolt’s record

2. Participation in sports affects school grades

3. There is a relationship between food, weight, and exercise

4. Hockey is the most dangerous sporting activity

5. Golf has always been a high-end sport

6. Does swimming help in exercising every part of the body?

Controversial Topics

7. Are political leaders born, nurtured or is it a talent

8. Lowering the gun possession age of consent reduces crime

9. Monarchy is the best form of government for a stable society

10. The Zionists are propagating the Third World War

11. Is feminism completely overturning sexism?

12. Gun control laws should be effected only in warring neighborhoods

13. Can structural discrimination be reversed through policy?

14. Lowering the legal age of consent for euthanasia would reduce suffering for terminally ill minors

15. Drinking and driving laws are out to infringe on personal freedoms

16. The real enemy of the United States resides in her soil and Americans court him every day

17. Should all states forbid the legalization of same-sex marriages?

18. Should same-sex parents be allowed to bring up a child?

19. Provision of condoms and contraceptives is a boost to the morals and responsibility among young people

20. Is Donald Trump’s realism political thought killing the American dream?

21. Should every country spend on asylum seekers and refugees?

22. Workplace dating should automatically lead to the loss of a job. Here is the reason

23. Is online dating increasing the amount of filthy on the internet?

24. A vegetarian diet is the best choice after the age of 40 years

25. Hunting is drastically wiping out the ecosystem. Is it true?

26. Abortion and contraception are similar in purpose and effect

27. Attending single-sex schools propagates same-sex marriage relationships

28. The use of recreational drugs heightens the spread of diseases

29. Public prayer in schools and gathering fortifies morals in people

30. Marketing companies should face prosecution for causing impulse buying

31. Capitalism and Communism can coexist with a slight change in public policy

32. The American government is meddling unnecessarily with world affairs by spending heavily on the war on terrorism

Technology Topics

33. The technology weakens the fabrics of society

34. Technology is eroding the place of parents in directing their kids

35. The government should prosecute those who use filthy language in comments on social media

36. Is technology the awaited tyrant to overturn the value of education?

37. Technology and creativity cannot coexist!

38. The government must have the right to censor the internet to quell public anarchy

39. All social media content is an indirect way of amusing people from the reality of governance

Family Topics

40. Should parents be punished for the moral decay of their children?

41. Would a regulation on the number of children a couple should have control populations?

42. Children should support their elderly parents financially or else face prosecution

43. Should parents give consent when their children want to switch their sexes?

44. Can parents supervise their children’s dating activities?

45. Male parents should get paternity leave too

46. Parents should supervise the drinking activities of their children

47. Contraception is an extension of sexism since the burden of birth control lies in the wrong gender. Do you agree?

48. Looking into your children diaries is a breach of ethics and privacy

49. None of the parents should retain the custody of children after divorce

50. Separating and no longer living together for more than six months is enough to constitute a divorce

51. Acting for minors should be illegalized to preserve the morals of the children

Animals Topics

52. Wearing woolen, fur and leather garments is the mother of all mistreatment to animals

53. Pets are the source of all incurable zoonotic diseases

54. Animal cloning is the best to improve productivity. Do you agree?

Tips for Writing a Good Argumentative Essay Topic

Argumentative research paper topics suggest many writing ideas but choose a controversial idea. Controversial argumentative essay topics gain more attention if they focus on contemporary issues. Instead of sounding fantastic, they should be able to able to accommodate real-life. The audience would hence participate. [Do my Essay cheap]

The following are the other tips you need to consider:

  • The controversial element of the topic hooks the audience in the introduction
  • Avoid writing in the first-person point of view but still, share opinions established on facts
  • Only use ideas that have opposing viewpoints to support your position in the topic. You cannot debate reasonably when the supporting ideas have no opposition
  • The argumentative essay format is maintained all through to for coherence of thoughts. A clear criterion of supporting arguments using expert tips enables the audience to get your position well
  • The conclusion should end with a call to action such as inviting the audience to contribute to the topic

Need Help Writing an Argumentative Essay Topic?

Are you well informed on choosing an argumentative essay topic now? Argumentative essay outline and selecting a topic is not as easy as they sound. First, coming up with a subject is like swimming upstream. Secondly, if you lack the qualities mentioned above or have weaknesses, you are likely to face difficulties. [Pay for essay writing services]

We recommend that you begin somewhere by putting into use the hints mentioned above. However, you may not have all that time to explore the relevant sources. Custom Writing Bee has a team of essay experts who are loyal to all your writing needs. We select the best topic for you a top grade argumentative essay from scratch at your order.


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