Honor society essay sample: What should every student know to be a part of the National Honor Society?

Posted on: 28th March 2020

The National Honor Society (NHS) is an American organization with units in secondary schools in all 50 states, in several territories under the control of the United States, as well as in Canada. NHS dedicates high school students to basic social values like erudition, leadership, service, and character. Through the activities of this society, they can gain recognition, participate in volunteer activities, apply for scholarships in the college, etc.

Realization of Organization’s Values

The difference in education is an integral part of the NHS

In order for you to be accepted into this membership, you need to score the maximum score that you are capable of. The minimum score is 3.0 or medium pass B, but the standards of the local unit may be overestimated, which will affect a more competitive basis.

First-year students are not included in the membership of the NHS, but the scores earned during the first year of study will later be taken into account in the total score when joining NHS. Therefore, in order to secure, it is better to take care beforehand of getting a high average score.

Become a leader

Life in high school provides a lot of opportunities to guide younger generations. It is necessary to disclose leadership opportunities in those spheres which you are interested in, and which correspond to your abilities. If you are an athlete, create your team and work hard to become its captain. If you want to help junior students, gather a youth group or a youth/girlish detachment of scouts. Show yourself as a leader to motivate others to join your community.


Service is one of the main values of NSH. Therefore candidates willing to devote themselves to voluntary and selfless service to others increase their chances of being accepted. Look for volunteer organizations whose activities are within your reach, and collaborate with them through your school. To help in a free dining room for the needy once a week, to ring the bell for the Salvation Army and to collect medical assistance for troops abroad are trifles that can be made for the great ideas of volunteering. Keep a log of your volunteer activities. Be prepared to call the exact number of hours worked as a plus to yourself, especially if it is impressive.

Be an activist

Do not sit out all your free time at home, but become an integral active part of your school and community. Such extracurricular activities as sports, student self-government, a support group at a sporting event, a choir, drawing lessons and even local dance classes are a great way to stay active. Fill out your schedule and take yourself to create the reputation of a hardworking and convinced person.

Earn respect

Even if you are an active participant in your community, a bad character can reduce your chances of entering the NHS. It does not accept coarse or vulgar pupils who do not respect their teachers or community leaders. Try to be very kind and noble. Stop communication with people who are driving you astray, encouraging your unworthy behavior and laziness in learning.

Remember that the people who are responsible for voting when someone is entering NHS are teachers. The walls also have ears: one disrespectful statement about any teacher may change the opinions of others about you forever. Respect yourself to be respected. This is the golden rule.

Joining the NHS

Find a local unit

To join NHS, first, find a local unit in your high school. If you do not know where the school unit is located, ask the academic curator or another teacher about it. In addition, you can use the NHS website, which finds a unit near you.

Pupils can’t apply for entry into the NHS at the national level through the organization’s website or other means. All submissions are carried out at the local level. You must apply to the subdivision of your school. There are no other ways and can’t be.

Read the national acceptance criteria

The competitive basis of your local membership unit of NHS may differ from the requirements that your friend in another school encountered. Nevertheless, the NHS decree has national rules for entrants. Here they are:

  • Entrance is allowed to second-year students, as well as students of the penultimate and final year. First-year students are not accepted;
  • Candidates must attend the school for at least one semester. Some exceptions can be made for military children and some other categories of students, based on a positive characteristic from the previous school;
  • Applicants must have an average score of at least 85%, B or 3.0.

Please note, this is only a minimal national score – many local units have a pass-through standard that can be much stricter and higher.

Study the local acceptance criteria

As already mentioned, local NHS units can set a national minimum score, but they also have the right to establish overstated criteria, putting forward their rules fairly and equally for everyone. Contact a member of your local office to learn the specifics of the acceptance criteria. This information also should be indicated in the official school publications, which are available for review by parents and students.

Visualize how you have learned the values of the NHS

The difference in a study is only one of the main values of the NHS. A remarkable candidate embodies three other values – leadership, service, and character. If you are interested in becoming a member of the NHS:

  • beat up the results of the history of your life;
  • write down the achievements of your extra-curricular activities as can be found in a good honor society essay sample;
  • especially include volunteer activities;
  • be prepared to describe these things in detail in all forms of application that will require the local unit to fill out.

Some local units may require specific evidence of volunteer activity – a characterization or other supporting evidence. Stay in touch with your old leaders and employees who will be able to confirm your accomplishments in the service.

Getting the status of a “candidate”

The NHS decree proclaims that each local unit must have a faculty council responsible for the selection of new members. The faculty council consists of five members, appointed annually by the director. In order to be considered as a candidate for membership, the student must elect a council or an advisor to the unit, the person who is responsible for the daily activities of your local unit. The faculty council or the adviser of the subdivision searches for candidates in those pupils who embody the values of NHS in their activity.

In addition to living in accordance with the values of NHS, it is also important to be in a respectful relationship with the members of the faculty council and the unit’s adviser, which helps to consider your candidacy. To be elected to the candidates, you will need to fill out a candidate form/statement written and compiled by the local office.

Take the trouble to make your statement

Although different local units make different demands, take care of the observance of universal rules. Do not fill out the application in a hurry and just how. Recheck your work and rewrite, if necessary. The first attempt often requires reworking.

No matter how it may sound, the appearance is very important. Take the time to carefully fill out your application. Be brief in your descriptions in the essay honor society sample. Carefully fill out sections about activities, spent hours and make sure that each of them is confirmed by the signature of your adult leader. Try to impress the responsible, professional and reliable person.

Do not be shy in a statement in the essay honor society, use this sample of essay honor society to do it correctly. Unleash your achievements in full, paying tribute to all your merits. Be proud of your achievements!

Gather the majority of votes from the faculty council of your unit. At least once a year the faculty council is going to choose a new member. New members are selected from the mass of candidates by voting. Those who gained the majority of votes get the cherished membership. The unit adviser does not vote in this process.

If you were accepted into the NHS, you are part of a prestigious group of fellows who have shown excellent results in their school and social life. Be proud of yourself. If you are not accepted, you have the right to appeal the decision of the council. Nevertheless, the appeal should be addressed specifically to the local unit.

Additional advice

Students should perform public works and mention it in their example of essay honor society. You will still need to work out a certain number of hours a day to become a member of the NHS. It should be remembered that there will always be someone who wants to take your place. Also, maintain the level of your average score, even if you become a member of the NHS. If your scores go down, you can be removed from the organization.

If you do not hit it, do not hang your nose! You have another chance next year. Just keep expanding your list of achievements and be an active leader. If you find yourself in, perhaps some will stick to you as a “study nerd” (someone who can envy you in black). Do not pay attention to them and make friends with friendly people. All that simply proves that National Honor Society is the organization worth to be a member of.

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