How to Bullshit an Essay-The Ultimate Guide

Posted on: 9th May 2020


As a student, have you learned the art of bullshitting? If you are a part-time worker and full-time student, you may have already tried to write a paper in one night.

In most cases, it’s hard to find time to do all your assignments. Even though waiting until the last minute to do your essay is wrong, it’s something that usually happens to most students.

Sometimes you might think you have everything under control but later come to realize your professor requested more pages for an essay you have very little knowledge on.

It’s important to seek assignment help from professional tutors to save your time and relieve yourself of the stress of having to write a lot of fluff that may not be appealing to your professor.

At Custom Writing Bee, we have a team of expert tutors that can help write your custom essay within the shortest time possible. We understand how hard it is to juggle between work and class. You need time to do through reading if you want to score good grades–And we know you don’t have that time.

As a student, you will agree with me that essay word count sucks. You have a lot to do, but you have to write that essay. And you have to reach the word count regardless of your knowledge about that topic. If you like a given topic, it's very easy to write 1000+ words without any struggle.

But what if your assignment is on a subject you have very little interest in? Here are 8 ways to make your essay longer. Read on to find out more.

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What Are The Professional Ways To Bullshit An Essay?

Some students take a whole night just to make the information and ideas in their essays as original as possible. For those who hate doing research and typing long custom essays, here is how to bs a paper.

1. Break Down Your Ideas

Making an essay long can be an easy task if you break down your ideas. Breading down ideas into different details and aspects helps you consider each idea separately. For instance, you can write a general thought in one or two paragraphs. However, if you separate every aspect of your thought or idea, you might find yourself writing two pages worth of different ideas.

After breaking down your ideas, illustrate each of them with supporting details. You can describe an idea and then give an example that relates to that information. This can easily help you write a long essay.

2. Write A Catchy Introduction

Given that you are going to write a lot of unnecessary sentences in the body of your essay, you must write an eye-catching introduction. The introduction should give your reader an understanding of what is in your essay. When your professor is reading the introduction, he/she should be motivated to read the rest of your paper.

A good introduction will motivate your professor that what you have written in the whole paper is interesting and substantial. You can do this by providing a great thesis statement. It’s worth noting that a good introduction can distract your reader from going through the rest of your essay.

3. Write A Detailed Body Section

In the body, write as much as you can remember. After writing down relevant and informational points, provide your own opinion on these points. Develop your thoughts by analyzing your points in detail.

Since you aim to write more, state a point, provide detailed background information about that point before explaining. This will help your reader understand what you are talking about even though you aim to beat word count.

You should also consider writing points that you might not agree with. This makes your essay more interesting while helping you add more words to what you are writing.

4. Write A Catchy Conclusion

Just like you made your introduction interesting, you must make your conclusion catchy. You can do this by restating your thesis statement to remind your readers what the essay was talking about. Restating your thesis helps you add meaning to your essay’s final words and reminds the reader about the important points that have been included in the body.

Although it’s recommended to keep your conclusion short, you can use this section to write just about anything that relates to the topic. Remember, it has to be interesting. Some readers will go through your introduction and conclusion to determine how detailed or interesting your body section is.

5. Make Block Quotations

Your professor can tell you to write a report on a long book that you have only read halfway. In high school, we were told to write a report on a book I had not read. Tell you what I did. I went to Wikipedia. I checked out what they had written on the book, (especially the biography part) and copied everything, but reworded it to avoid plagiarism. Although I did not score excellently, I was better off than most students.

Whenever I noticed I was running out of time or I had nothing to write, I took a block of text and quoted it. I believe you know how difficult it is to quote a book. I made a few mistakes in my citation, but the teacher didn’t notice due to the large volume of essays she had to correct. In short, quotations helped me add more words in my paper.

6. Use Single-Space When Writing

You might be wondering how this is helpful. Let me give you some advice. Whenever you are writing your custom essay, ensure its single-spaced. Later, after finishing, you can convert it to double-space, which is what most professors recommend.

Writing an essay in double space makes your essay much longer than you thought. For instance, if you are writing a one-page research paper, writing it in single-space will be just about half a page. To many students, this seems an easy task compared to when writing in double-space. A four-page single-space custom essay is the same as an eight-page paper double-spaced essay.

7. Don’t Be Original, Be Creative

It’s not a must to be original when writing an essay. This is because using someone else’s ideas or information is not considered cheating. There is no use trying or think about coming up with your own theme. Someone else, probably in the 19th century, already thought about the same thing.

For the sake of saving your effort and time, use other writers' themes. You will find hundreds if not thousands of themes on the internet–which is just a click away. To prevent getting caught due to plagiarism, you need to reword and paraphrase what others have written.

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Tips on How to Finish an Essay Fast

1. Seek Assignment Help From Experts

The best and easiest way to get your assignment done is by requesting someone to write it for you. This will ensure you don’t compromise on your grades while trying to meet your professor’s word limit. A professional writer has years of experience that helps him write custom essays in record time.

The good thing with seeking homework help is that you can make your order at any time. You also get to set the duration you wish your assignment submitted. This is good news if you want to beat a deadline, or you really don’t know what to write.

2. Adopt the Right Mindset

Even if you’re writing something that seems tough, it’s crucial that you put your mindset right into it. It’s okay to panic, especially if you don’t have enough time. You can feel defeated even before you write the first ten words.

However, if you wish to write a good custom essay, you need to have the right mindset. Be positive and put any negativity aside. Adapt to “I can do this” attitude. Take a deep breath, stay calm, and start writing your paper logically and systematically.

3. Read And Analyze Questions Carefully

Taking time to read and analyze questions helps avoid writing an essay from a wrong perspective. You might rush over a question, only to later realize that you wrote something utterly different from the question. And you find it’s too late to change anything, especially if you are under pressure to submit your essay.

If possible, always underline critical instructions or keywords in a question. For instance, you can underline the word “analyze” or “compare” in order to help your mind remember precisely what you need to write in your essay.

4. Write Class Notes Directly Into Your Essay

When you need to finish your essay in time, your class notes can help you add more information and word count into your essay. You can start by typing your lecture notes directly into your essay assignment. They can be several sentences, bullet points, or a few paragraphs.

You can then summarize or rephrase what’s in your lecturer’s notes. In the case of points, add a few sentences to support each of those points. 

5. Type Your Essay Instead Of Hand-Writing It

Some professors give students the option of either submitting hand-written or typed assignments. You need to realize that most people nowadays, including you, type faster than they can write by hand. Try it out.  

Therefore, unless you are restricted to write your paper by hand, always type it. Typing makes your work easier to edit if you want to make changes. It’s also easier for your lecturer to read typed work compared to one that has been hand-written. This is why most lecturers recommend you submit typed assignments.

6. Keep Off Social Media

Writing a bullshit essay also needs your concentration. The last thing you might want to do when you have a few hours to submit your paper is to get distracted by social media or your phone. Regularly checking your phone or spending some time on social media is a habit that can eat away your precious time. And you probably might notice it.

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