9 Tips On Writing an Evaluation Essay That Will Get You Top Grades

Posted on: 27th May 2020

Perhaps writing an evaluation essay falls among the tasks you have dreaded while on campus. As such, you have struggled (or are about to) to craft one. Here is the good news. There is a fix for this (and it won’t cost you a thing). All you have to do is to take time and learn these top tips for writing an excellent evaluation essay discussed in this guide, and at the end, you should be able to write a compelling evaluation essay to earn you those top grades you need.

Without further ado, let’s dive into the tips for writing a compelling evaluation essay.

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Tip #1. Understand What an Evaluation Essay Entails

Knowing what an Evaluation Essay is may sound obvious. But it is where the magic begins. To write a compelling evaluation essay, you need to grasp the basic idea behind this craft. So, you may find it useful to read on and understand what an evaluation essay is.

To start with, view an evaluation essay as a critique you do on a product, service, or just anything. And more to this, you have to choose only one of two options—positive review or negative critique. 

Besides, it is essential to note that your article should not be opinionated, which means you have to support your viewpoints and judgments you make with evidence. In other words, you need to make your reader see that your verdicts are credible.

And with that said, let’s look at the key features of an evaluation essay.

Key Features of an Evaluation essay

Although an evaluation essay has the basic structure of a typical essay, some concepts make this craft unique. 

Here is a list of them.

1. Criteria

As humans, we can look at things from different angles. As such, for focus, we need to narrow our view to a single aspect. So, simply put, the criteria of your essay are the angles to help judge the evaluation essay topic at hand.

2. Judgment

The goal of writing your evaluation essay is to judge whether a specific object person or idea satisfies a particular standard. So, judgments in your essay will be your thoughts on whether the subject of your topic meets that criteria.

3. Evidence

You may have heard this term used often in legal fields. Luckily, the meaning of evidence in our case is just similar to that. To cut a long story short, the evidence is the details you use to support your judgments.

To gain more insight into this, you can check out our evaluation essay samples at our resource center. 

Tip #2. Choose a Topic

Choose a topic that interests you—only if your instructor hasn’t specified another topic. Then explore it to identify the criteria for your evaluation essay. 

Here are some evaluation essay topics to help you get a glimpse of what you can write about.

  • Social media and its effects on human relationships
  • Impact of internet marketing in today’s world
  • Organic farming and its effects on the environment
  • Effectiveness of software programs used in schools
  • Effectiveness and efficiency of distance learning

In case you want more inspiration on the evaluation essay topics, visit our resource center, where we have a vast collection of evaluation essay examples that may help you.

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Tip #3. Understand Your Audience

Let’s say that you have chosen computer hardware as your evaluation essay topic. In this case, your audience will be anyone interested in computer hardware. Why is this important? Understanding your audience will enable you to know what tone, voice, and words you will use to address them.

Tip #4. Develop Your Thesis Statement

What’s important here is that you make your thesis statement clear to your audience. Making your thesis clear will help the readers identify your argument’s topic. Feel free to check out our evaluation essay examples and see how we have applied this tip.

Tip #5. Identify Your Evaluation Criteria

We will use an example to help you understand this. For the evaluation essay topic, ‘computer hardware,’ you can evaluate a computer’s hardware based on its price, performance, among other factors. The cost and performance, in this example, are the criteria.

Tip #6. Look for Supporting Evidence 

Now that you have your evaluation essay topic, thesis statement, and criteria, its time you find evidence to support your judgments. Moreover, ensure that the evidence is clear for your readers to grasp quickly.

Tip #7. Write an Outline 

Some people hate the idea of writing an outline. But you shouldn’t overlook the importance of having an evaluation essay outline. An evaluation essay outline will enable you to organize your judgments and evidence rationally. As such, you gain more insight into your evaluation essay topic.

Furthermore, outline your evaluation essay to the paragraph level. This means that you highlight ALL ideas, judgments, and evidence in the order you will discuss them. And this will enable you to write the essay faster and with clarity and focus.

Tip #8. Write Your First Draft

Sticking to your evaluation essay outline, write your first draft as fast as you can. Why this? You see, writers create several drafts to make most of the quality essays you see. This means that most great essay writers write a first fast draft and then edit it to make their work epic. So, if you want your evaluation essay to be outstanding, then embrace the idea of writing a first fast draft.

Tip #9. Polish Your Draft

Now, you have written your first draft while sticking to your evaluation essay outline. But you will notice that your first draft won’t be the stunning evaluation essay you want. For this reason, you need to take some more steps to make it epic, and these in-depth steps below will come in handy for you.

But that’s not all…

Counter-Check Your Introduction

Introductions should grab and keep your reader’s attention on your paper. Thus, crafting catchy and juicy introductions shouldn’t be an option for you. 

And more importantly, introductions can make or break your reader’s moods. And in case they break their moods, your efforts result in nothing. Simply put, you lose your readers, especially your instructor. And later, he/she awards you poor grades. 

Well, to help you to counter-check your introduction, let’s look at different parts that your introduction should have and how you can add value to them.

Parts of an Introduction

Your evaluation essay introductions should consist of 3 main parts. The three components are the hook, transitional sentences, and the thesis sentence. To help you understand this, we will look at each one of them individually.

1. The Hook

Want your evaluation essay to stand out? Then use a hook that your readers won’t resist. Believe me. This single sentence can make a whole difference in your essay. Write it, and tweak it until it serves its purpose.

To get you started in writing catchy hooks, here are some ideas.


Many People love quotes. Maybe it is because they are powerful. But anyway, there are lots of memorable ones on the web and in books. And if you choose wisely, your professor or lecture will like them too. So, grab some cool one and throw it in as your hook and see the effect.

3. Statistics

Studies have shown writings with statistical data gain credibility and trust from readers. So, don’t be afraid to add statistical data from credible sources to your evaluation essay.

4. Rhetorical Questions

I guess these are familiar to you as they are to me. Rhetorical questions are just questioning you pose to your readers to trigger their minds to think about what you are telling them. Use them and make your essay outstanding.

5. Transitional Sentence

Your professor or lecturer wants to know your inspiration behind writing your evaluation essay. Wow, him/her with clear and focused background information on your essay. To achieve this, make it understandable and impressive as possible. And be happy taking home those senior grades you desire.

6. Thesis Statement

In case you didn’t know, this statement states the main idea behind your essay. And more importantly, you don’t want to sound ambiguous. So, ensure it identifies the criteria you will use to form your judgments for your evaluation essay. 

Read on: How to Write An Introduction

Step 2: Refine the Evaluation Essay’s Body Section

The role of the body is to explain the thesis to your reader. Thus, ensure it is as clear as possible. In other words, let your judgments and evidence flow logically.

The body contains paragraphs through which you use to share your ideas. To make your points clear, discuss only one thought in each of your paragraphs. And this drives us to explore ways in which you can use a paragraph to add more value to your evaluation essay.

How to use paragraphs to add value to your evaluation essay

First, provide an overview of your subject or criterion in your first body paragraph. However, for a more extended essay, you can write some more paragraphs explaining the background of your subject to your readers.

Next, start your evaluation after the first body paragraph(s). Do you remember you had judgments you had highlighted in your evaluation essay outline? Now it is the time to back them with the evidence that you had collected earlier on. Do this for the subsequent body paragraphs.

Also, ensure that your points in a paragraph are logically flowing. To achieve this, you state the main idea in your paragraph in the first sentence. Next, place your explanations in the following sentence. And lastly, accompany your topic sentence and description with examples or data that will be the evidence. 

To gain more insight into this, feel free to check out our evaluation essay samples at our resource center.

Step 3: Close Your Discussion

You have grabbed your reader’s attention, you have communicated your argument to him/her, now it’s excellent time you conclude in style. To achieve this, you have to arm yourself with some fresh but still professional ways of closing your essay. As such, let’s look at different parts of a conclusion and how you can make them intriguing.

Parts of a Conclusion

To start, the conclusion also has three main parts, like the introduction. Here is a brief description of the elements.

  • The first part restates the thesis statement
  • The second part summarizes your arguments
  • Lastly, the third part states your opinion or final comment

Here are some unique ways to make your conclusions compelling.

1. Use a Quote from a Credible Source

Just as in for the hooks in introductions, relevant quotes can help you conclude in style—without leaving your readers hanging.

2. Set Your Discussion into a Different Context

A different context is all about connecting different ideas to close your essay. Let’s say you were evaluating an old book. While closing your evaluation essay, you can use a statement from a recent newspaper to connect with your topic on the old book. And that is how simple it is.

3. Link your essay to your introduction

Here, you conclude by connecting what you said in your introduction with relevant and compelling insight. Do this to remind your readers of the main argument of your evaluation essay.

Again, the evaluation essay samples in our resource center will show you more ways on how you can conclude your essay in style.

Step 4: Proofread and Edit your evaluation essay

At this step, correct any type of error that you may spot in your essay. More importantly, read through your article several times before submitting it to your instructor—leave no room for any error in your essay.

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There You Have It. 9 tips on how to write a captivating evaluation essay. 

But in case you would like to see an evaluation essay first-hand, see the evaluation essay examples in the resource center. The evaluation essay samples cover different evaluation essay topics that may come in handy to you. 

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