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Posted on: 15th May 2020

Why are more and more people seeking thesis paper writing help? Why is the concept of writing a thesis paper in graduate school or college so daunting?  What should a good thesis paper look like?

Let me tell you…

Writing a thesis paper can be the toughest yet the most critical paper in graduate school, especially for your master's degree. Although various standards and rules have to be applied to determine if your thesis paper is of high-quality or not, a few universal rules can help you write a detailed and excellent thesis research paper.

It’s a common thing to face problems while trying to come with a high-quality and unique thesis paper. You’ll need to do a lot of research as well as leverage various online resources, where you can learn from experts. There is no doubt that your thesis will greatly determine if you will fail or pass your graduate level.

At the master’s level, you’ll be required to write several short thesis research papers to develop your writing and research skills. These skills will help you craft the final long thesis, which is required for graduation. Nonetheless, writing a thesis paper shouldn't be a source of continuous headaches. At Custom Writing Bee, we take pride in offering thesis paper writing help that focuses on ensuring you get the best grades.

Let get started…

What is a thesis paper?

The term “thesis” is used to describe a doctoral dissertation or a master’s level thesis research paper. It can also be used to refer to a long and detailed research paper that is organized and centered on a single idea. Simply put, a thesis paper is a well-researched and long essay that poses a research question and answers it. 

This paper offers critical analysis and interpretation of qualitative and quantitative sources using supporting research. Supporting research may include statistical data, lab results, field notes, predictive models, photographs, etc. Your supporting research will depend on your on what you are writing about.

There is also a difference between a thesis and a thesis statement. A thesis statement is sentence or sentences that state the purpose and topic of your research paper. It’s a road map for your essay since it tells your reader what he/she should look out for in the rest of your paper. It lets the reader understand what you are going to discuss within your paper.

What are the different types of thesis papers?

Since a thesis research paper is a culmination of your learning, an organized and well-researched paper shows that you can understand as well as apply the principles, theories, ethical codes, and practices you have learned. To do this, you must understand the types of thesis research papers that exist. Each type has its distinctive features.

Let’s talk about each of them in detail.

a.      Expository/ Explanatory 

Often, this is the easiest and most basic type of thesis paper. It’s based on factual information or claims that are supported by evidence. It doesn’t contain personal opinions. You only need to explain to your reader what focus on in order to grab their attention. You should tell your readers how you came up with your main idea and the methods you will use to support that idea.

b.     Analytical 

Just like an expository essay, this essay explains your main idea, but in more detail. It focuses on the in-depth analysis or breaking down of an idea. Some of the subjects that mainly use this type of essay in their analysis include science and mathematics.

To score highly, you need to tell your reader what you will analyze, how you will do the analysis, why you want to do your analysis, and how the reader or others may benefit from your analysis.

c.      Argumentative 

These papers make claims about the topic of interest. The writer then goes ahead to justify their argument with evidence in the rest of the paper. It allows you to take a position on a given subject, contrary to an explanatory essay. Using evidence and examples, you will try to convince the reader why your opinion is valid.

How Do I structure a Thesis paper?

Although the structure of a thesis may vary from one discipline or educational institution to another, there is a general structure for a good thesis paper. For instance, some universities can allow this paper to be as long as 200 pages when applying for a doctorate or as short as 30 pages in the case of a master’s degree. Always consult with your supervisor on the number of pages before you start writing.

The structure covers the following elements:


An abstract is generally a summary or overview of your paper. When writing your essay, your abstract should come last after you are through with writing everything else. An abstract lets reader stay current with what you have discussed in your paper. It’s usually about a paragraph long.


Your introduction should talk about what you will study, how you will study a particular topic, and why the topic is essential. It’s an overview of the main points of your thesis statement. It can also include background information. 

Literature Review

A literature review is a process of searching and evaluating available literature on a chosen topic or subject. It gives you an overview of the current information on a given subject, allowing you to identify appropriate methods, theories, and gaps that already exist. You'll use these gaps to base your research.


This chapter outlines the methods you will use to gather information, how you will analyze the data, and the reasons you chose that method of analysis. You need to show why the method you choose is suitable for that study. You should also include the disadvantages of using that method.


This chapter indicates what you found out from your analysis. It generally includes facts about your research and has few or no analysis. It’s recommended to use graphs and tables to summarize your work in this chapter.


This chapter covers your analysis and interpretation of the information you gathered in section 3(Methodology). Give some comments about your results and go ahead and explain them. You can also give some limitations to your study and provider explanations.


This is where you indicate how your research objectives have been achieved. Point out some problems and limitations of your study. You can talk about what you’ve learned from that particular study and also make a few suggestions for other researchers.

How do I write a good thesis paper?

Whether you are in college or doing an advanced degree program, writing an outstanding thesis research paper shouldn't be something to stress you out. Moreover, it should not be something that takes a lot of your time or brings about fear and anxiety. There are a few things you need to implement to make your essay writing process fast and simple.

Here the steps you need to follow to write a good thesis research paper:

i)    Formulate a Research question

A research question is a question in which you center your research. A good research question is usually focused, complex, clear, arguable, and concise. Formulating a research question helps provide a path for your research process. Here are some steps to follow if you are looking to formulate a good research question:

Write a general topic based on your assignment

Do preliminary research on that topic

Consider how important your research will to your audience

Evaluate your question

Begin research

ii) Formulate a tentative answer to your question

After you have evaluated your question and began the initial research, formulate a tentative answer to your research question. It should be an answer that guides your essay writing process.

For instance, if your research question was: How Coronavirus is likely to affect the economy?

Your tentative answer could be Slow economic growth.

iii)     Support your answer

As you research and gather more data, your earlier answer (in our case: slow economic growth) is likely to change. This is because you will find more sources and evidence for your thesis paper.

iv)    Write the actual paper 

When writing your thesis, it’s important to cross-check your work with your professor's instructions. This will ensure you meet those instructions. Additionally, keep your thesis in mind while you develop your essay.

Why You Need Thesis Writing Help From Experts

Many students have a tough time writing a thesis paper. As a student, a lot of your academic learning involves writing essays. At times, you might wonder if writing these essays may have any impact on your life. Of course, they do. The skill of writing a thesis paper will help you throughout your life, whether in an academic field or something completely unrelated.

To understand the importance of a thesis research paper, you need to figure out what exactly it is, the different types of thesis paper, how to do research, and how to write an excellent thesis. If you think gathering all of this information might take plenty of your time, feel free to contact us today for any thesis paper writing help.

In order to score a high grade, you need thesis paper writing help from experts. They will help you complete your custom thesis and ensure all the instructions are covered and the structure meets Masters degree standard. Custom Writing Bee has Ph.D. and Masters's graduates who have specialized in thesis writing and ready to help students achieve their dreams. Order your custom thesis today. 

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