Learn How to Write an Informative Essay in Four Easy Steps

Posted on: 13th April 2020

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Check out our ultimate guide on how to write an informative essay without much strife.

What is an Informative Essay?

This question keeps engaging many minds and leaves them spinning. Among many types of essays, one may lose sight of the nature of an informative essay.

With that said, a college informative essay seeks to answer the 5-W questions and How? Notably, these questions should not be explained by presenting personal stances on the ideas of discussion. The audience should decide courtesy of being informed by the sufficient information given in the essay.

Before setting out to write, one should prepare to go through the whole course of writing. This preparation helps one to avoid being trivial in their content.

Follow the following steps:

1.    Read the General Guidelines

Your assignment instructions help you to know where to get the relevant information as the content requirements hints. The formatting regulations, the word count, and the deadline help you stick to the scope of your informative essay structure. Finally, the recommendations also help you during research.

2.    Choose the Topic

You ought to select a central theme for your informative essay. Numerous informative essay topics are available on the internet. As such, you need to coin a unique topic to avoid boring your audience. The uniqueness of the subject enables you to surprise the readers with fresh tips of facts, which are fascinating rather than common knowledge that they know.

How to Choose an Informative Essay Topic?

Selecting well-polished informative essay topics that would arrest the interest of the audience requires a skill. A unique subject evokes the reading appetite so that your audience reads word by word rather than skimming. If your tutor has not provided the topic of your informative essay, then below are the guidelines to lead you to come up with a captivating problem tacitly:

Consider the Audience

Think about your audience and their everyday environment. Think about the audience’s way of business, education, interactions, technology, lifestyle, physical struggles, and all that entails that life. The topic should be relevant to what they encounter every day. It should try solving their daily puzzles of life and illuminate the dark spots of understanding whatever answers they’re seeking.

Avoid Narrow or Broad Topics

Two extremes should be avoided when selecting an informative essay topic. The topic should never be too broad so that you try narrowing down in specifics. Here you will be spoiled for choice of what to inform the audience best on. Furthermore, the topic should also never be too narrow. This ensures that after defining it, there are no more ideas popping out of your mind to elaborate it further.

Read the Guidelines Severally

Reviewing the assignment instructions is crucial to answering the informative essay prompt successfully. As such, you must review the instructor’s rules to understand the specifics of the required topics, not to mention the length of the paper.

Overall, you must keep referring to the instructions for your informative essay to make out the possible sources for citing.

Choose an Interesting Topic

If it is within your discretion to choose a topic, choose one that you are competent to explore with the most in-depth skill. Informing an audience from an experienced perspective is an incentive by itself. Competence in a topic clears the possibility of fluff or running out of content.

The choice of topic determines the number of paragraphs the body should have. The thoroughness to educate the audience on the issue and the word count calls for a proper outline of ideas before beginning to write. The author needs to visualize his ideas to avoid the incompatible mix of arguments.

3.    Research and Brainstorm the Topic

After coming up with a topic, you need to read intensively. This is a necessity to prepare for writing an informative essay. This reading makes one gather through note-making all the crucial details necessary to be included in the informative essay.

Here, you can figure out the things you know about the topic the, details already known to the audience, and what you can inform them. The noting down helps you not to forget any essential facts. You should afterward arrange the points logically so that the outline of writing the final informative essay follows a reasonable sequence.

When writing your informative essay, it is crucial to list the possible jargon and pieces of language styles likely to appear in the paper. The jargon ought to be defined in the introductory paragraphs of the informative essay. The glossaries ought to be used in the correct context to avoid confusion when a knowledgeable audience meets wrongly used phrases. The author also should check out the informative essay examples on the internet to gain more practical insight on how to write.

4.    Outline your Informative Essay

If you are stuck on how to write an informative essay that is seasoned enough to hook the attention of the audience and maintain the grip to the end, the informative essay outline below is worth reading. Like many other types of essays, the following vital parts ought to in your informative essay:

  • Introduction
  • Body
  • Conclusion

You should begin by writing the outline of the main ideas that each of these parts should dwell on. A list of reference sources comes after the last paragraph, depending on the instructions.

The Introduction

As the first part of the informative essay format, the intro plays a pivotal role in introducing your work. The writer grabs the attention of the audience and precisely in one sentence asserts the thesis statement. The thesis statement is the focal point of the whole informative essay.

You can hook the reader’s attention using a compelling comment, a question, a statistic, or a fact. These hooking points can be laced with a literary device such as a paradox. The introduction sentence ought to arouse the outbursts of curiosity so that the reader settles for nothing less than finishing the informative essay.

Ultimately, the informative essay thesis statement gives the main idea of what the reader will be informed about by alluding to the topic.

The Length of Introduction

The informative essay introduction can go to more than a paragraph. The circumstances necessitating a long paragraph are such as providing prior definitions that would be needed to understand the entire content and a brief description of the gist of all sections in the informative essay.

Example of an Informative Essay Introduction

Suppose you were writing on a topic about your favorite book here is an example of the informative essay introduction:

I have never known before that I can unveil the financial genius in me until I came across “The Rich Dad and The Poor Dad.” The book briefly uses the analogy of two persons the author grew up observing. The fascinating rat race game illustrates how debts enchain the unwise in spending, making them miserable at the end. The book gives the divergent definitions of an asset as the poor person understands, and the affluent person conceives it. The rich person’s definition of an asset, as opposed to the fundamental accounting principles.

The Body 

In this part of the informative essay, you ought to give the expounded form of ideas that supports the thesis statement. A paragraph should be devoted to each concept. What’s more, you should organize your thoughts logically to build up the main topic comprehensively. You should, at all costs, avoid reiterating the prior ideas.

Any new idea should be argued differently. Before adding any sentence, you ought to consider whether it has a particular relation to the thesis statement. Any incompatible notion that is not consistent with the thesis statement shifts the mind of the reader from the flow of the information. The shift may cause a loss of focus as they evaluate the worthiness of a seemingly strange idea.

Factual statements and statistics should be used to garnish the flow of ideas. Every idea outlined in the informative essay introduction ought to be shown consequential to the informative essay thesis. Delve into details as deemed fit to inform the audience. No stone should be left unturned to the interest of the audience.

Maintaining the Interest of the Reader in the Body

Every new idea in the body of the informative essay ought to be presented using a claim sentence, sentences giving evidence of the claim, and an explanation of that evidence to the reader. The peculiarities of the thesis statement are unshrouded here by discussing the otherwise hazy details with the reader. These details are intertwined with captivating facts and are wrapped up with the collective knowledge to intrigue the reader’s mind on the authenticity of the informative essay.

Comparing and contrasting ideas is the best way here to continue holding the audience captive. Rather than giving your personal opinions in an informative essay, the juxtaposition should make the reader make their own opinions. The reader’s advice should come when they investigate the similarities and the differences in the facts and evidence in the informative essay. A formal academic tone, unlike the use of personal experience, should be employed to educate. No persuasive tone should be used in the discourse as an informative essay.

Thus the body should be embellished with facts from experts and unique findings from researches. Generally, the body section should dwell on:

  • Educating the audience on an issue or a problem
  • Juxtaposing controversial elements on the chosen topic
  • Giving research facts that are the most up to date
  • Explaining the significance of the informative essay topic


The informative essay conclusion summarizes your entire article in a paragraph or two. Here, the reader reiterates the informative essay thesis statement using a different form of wording. The entire content ought to be summarized in a few remarks to give an affirmation that what the reader has been reading is a complete string of a single idea.

You should avoid adding any new information, questions, and facts to the informative essay. These suggest an afterthought and possibly, ill-preparation. Further details obscure the understanding of the audience. Instead, a catchy conclusion ought to call the reader into some action.

Maintaining the Audience Interest at the End

The end of the informative essay should find the reader still engrossed. The overall view of the author should convince the reader that more information regarding the informative essay is worth finding. The impartiality tone used to present details is what convinces the audience that your essay is more than a bunch of personal ideas made to entice them. Instead, your reader should be able to see it as the answer to their most puzzling questions.

5.    Proofread your Informative Essay

The naturally flowing content after following the above procedure is never free from errors. You should read aloud to detect any grammatical and spelling mistakes or engage somebody else to do it. It is advisable never to correct an informative essay when tired since awkwardly written words may not be detected.

Need Help Writing an Informative Essay?

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