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Posted on: 29th April 2020

Good literature writing can be a daunting task, sometimes even to the best writers. Writing a character analysis essay requires planning, creativity, and organization. As such, not many know how to approach such scholarly writing. If you need some kind of assignment help, you’re in the right place.

We’ve compiled some of the best industry secrets. These tips are relied on by professors and the top students. Today, we’ll share them all with you. Apart from these helpful tips, you can help yourself to various character analysis essay examples. As if that’s not enough, we’ve provided various templates for writing this type of essay.

Let’s get right to it.

What is a Character Analysis Essay?

A character analysis essay consists of a personality or element that an author describes his/her actions, qualities, appearances, and how the plot develops around them. 

They originate from a set of well-thought questions that analyze the issue at hand from a 360-degree angle, commonly referred to in the academic world as character analysis questions. Though taxing, it’s not as hard as it appears to come up with an A+ material. How? Let’s look at how to formulate suitable character analysis questions and how to develop a character analysis outline. 

Questions to Ask When Writing a Character Analysis

Before we write anything, we need first to understand why we are composing it. Asking the right questions helps satisfy this craving, as we are able now to obtain the correct information. We get to explore uncertain areas of a given issue, pointing out these areas of concern and calling for a deliberate investigation. 

Choosing your Character Analysis Essay Topic

Picking your character analysis essay topic will require you to brainstorm various potential topics for your assignment. When doing that, bear in mind the following aspects of a good or bad essay topic. 

First, we’ll start with the proper questions to ask. As such, the questions you must consider for your character analysis should be:

Qualities of A Good Character Analysis Essay Topic

Multi-faceted - almost all issues have a cause-effect loop. Thus no answer will be simply derived. 

A fitting topic acts as a window for other areas of investigation and examination. 

Reasonable - It should be well within the investigator’s ability to carry out research

Captivating - Nobody wants to work on a subject that they start dozing off 15 minutes into looking at it. This calls for exploring a field that not only catches the attention of the researcher. It keeps him/her motivated in finding what they are looking for. 

Novel -  It challenges facts by coming up with new findings, for some areas rarely remain static for long periods. 

Relevant - Questions here should be interesting to the audience you mean to receive this study. For example, formulating medical questions, despite how exhaustive your research material is, will rarely be fascinating to a full auditorium of lawyers. 

Manageable - Queries should be easy to work with for both the researcher and their target audience. 

Applicable - Whatever findings one comes up with should be of practical use in real-time. Otherwise, they run the risk of being theoretical only. 

Orderly- Your questions should be structured in such a way that it states what steps need to be taken, what manner they will be taken and in what confines in terms of rules. 

Ethical - Lastly, these questions should be able to adhere to and get approval from relevant authorities. This is important, in that should your questions lead to ground-breaking discoveries, the formulation will receive the recognition and reward(s) that they deserve. 

As there are characteristics of appropriate questions, there are also pointers of lousy research questions. 

How to Identify a Bad Topic for your Character Analysis?

Easy topic – A straightforward question can be answered by simple answers of one word, a number, or a list. Why so? They lack the motivation a student needs to come up with complex hypotheses or doubt over an idea they previously believed. 

Opinionated – Only an opinion can answer the question. This not only corrupts the integrity of its credibility, but it is also subject to change by its formulator at any given time. 

Inconsequential - Nobody cares about their outcomes.  Why? That’s because they have no direct or indirect impact.

Deadlock – A deadlock is an unanswerable question.

Preparing your Character Analysis Essay Outline

First, we must explore what a character analysis essay outline entails; 

  • Preface passage
  • Body paragraphs (3-5, depending on your content)
  • Conclusion 

Why You Need a Character Analysis Essay Outline? 

Every assignment needs structure for it to be comprehensible. Doing so will order your main points as well as sub-points, like ducks in a row. 

Secondly, it will help you maintain the logic and integrity of your work. Here, you omit any gaps, unnecessary repetition, or overemphasis. 

A character analysis outline also helps you to manage your time effectively. How? By breaking down the sketch into manageable chunks, allotting reasonable amounts of time to address each section. 

It’s also worth remembering that the length of your assignment matters. Any task has a maximum and a minimum number of words. Out of this, decide on what points you will prioritize and discard. 

As you’re putting down your points, try and strike a balance between your sections; if in one you communicate with 500 words, while the other you use 100, then it implies belaboring. Try and distribute your points equitably, unless the section naturally requires a short statement, i.e., the conclusion. 

As you’re preparing your essay outline, keep these in mind: 

  • A theme
  • A thesis statement
  • Backing evidence for your thesis

Example of A Character Analysis Essay Outline 


  • Theme
  • Hook 
  • Background
  • Thesis statement 

First Body Paragraph 

  • Corroborating points 
  • Facts
  • Facts

Second Body Paragraph 

  • Corroborating points
  • Facts 
  • Facts

Third Body Paragraph 

  • Corroborating points
  • Fact
  • Facts


  • Facts

Sample Character Analysis 

I. Introduction

Theme Question: Is employing an uneducated girl as a house help a violation of human rights? 

Thesis statement: Employment of uneducated house managers borders on human rights violations. How does the employment of uneducated girls border on human rights violations? 

II. First Body Paragraph

It is a humanitarian issue

Corroborating points

  • Every human being, especially girls, have a right to primary education
  • Most of these girls are tricked into slavery due to lack of awareness of their rights as employees
  • They lack accountable agency contacts whom they can refer to should they feel violated or their contract has been breached
  • Some employees confiscate their passports. Freedom of moving to another job is limited, upgrading to better ones is difficult since they require the recommendation of their masters 

III. Second Body Paragraph

The employment of uneducated girls is a moral issue.

Corroborating points: 

  • Why a higher number of girls than boys? 
  • Their pay in such jobs could be low to none in countries where girl child rights and women empowerment are abhorred. 
  • Some of them end up being physically abused, live under inhuman conditions, thus suffer a psychological breakdown. 

IV. Third Body paragraph 

Employing uneducated house helps creates a culture of low pay 

Corroborating points:

  • Having a large number of uneducated immigrants to foreign countries with ineffectual immigrant labor laws creates an assumption that all workers are the same, and they get equal pay. 
  • Low pay denies them the chance to save for the overall improvement of their living standards. Thus, they are generally poor due to more expenses, less income. 
  • Having families in their native countries relying on them to send money for upkeep greatly reduces their chance of saving, thus unable to pay for their education. 
  • Having a low income restricts them from opening up businesses. At the same time, access to loan services is tricky: some countries require citizenship, a substantial minimum amount of savings to serve as collateral or racism.

Sample Character Analysis Introductory Paragraph

Imagine watching your favorite movie. Its actors take you through a storytelling journey, one filled with drama, suspense, and surprising twists of events. Some you hate, others are your favorite. By the end of it, you are inspired, disgusted, or end up changing your perspective about a particular subject altogether. 

For two hours, you surrender your ability to determine a story to the film producer’s work, allowing yourself to be part of the tale. Sounds familiar? Well, that is the powerful effect that a well-scripted message has on its readers and viewers. 

What to Consider when Writing A Character Analysis Essay

The sample essay outline on the employment of uneducated house helps is a character analysis essay example. Another illustration is the movie scenario mentioned above; good raw material for extracting personalities and profiling them. This helps us get a feel for depth, imagination, and an accurate outlook of the characters. 

When writing a character analysis essay, here are some of the things you can consider.

Relationship Between the Characters

Every character has a relationship with another: either they build up to them or go alongside them. You should be able to explain clearly as to why they are important in the story, how they play their importance and when they come in. 

The Author’s Target 

An important question. Yes, every character plays a unique role in developing the plot. Yes, it is paramount that your audience knows why you chose to place this character in the position they are in. For example, many superhero movies have villains, but others have villains as the main focus of the story. You, as a writer, should be able to clarify what he/she gives that shapes the story to what it is. 

The Character Analysis Essay Structure 

Just like any other form of writing, your work has to flow in a certain pattern. Your audience should be ferried from the start of your story to its conclusion, all without confusion. 

Creating A Character Analysis Thesis Statement

A thesis statement is important at the beginning of your literature, in that it determines whether readers will be mesmerized by your notion or not. This, alongside a hook and background information sentences, form a character analysis introduction. That being the case, how do you come up with a catchy thesis statement? 

Checklist for Writing a Good Character Analysis Thesis

1. It should be short, clear, and concise. Lengthy sentences, unnecessary punctuation, and disorganized ideas should be no-go zones. 

2. It should be at the end of the introductory paragraph. You do not want to place it in one of the body paragraphs or the conclusion of your article. It is also important to note that the summary of your writing, though it may require a thesis, doesn’t need repeating your opening thesis statement. A brief, call-to-action assertion will do the trick.

3. Thesis statements are neither topics, facts nor opinions

4. A good thesis statement should be captivating, stirring, or even dramatic. This will keep your audience charged, opinionated, and counter-argumentative.

5. Put down notes on your working thesis. This will help you remember it, be rational about and work within its ideal framework. 

6. Foresee potential arguments against your thesis. This will help expand your scope of solutions, give depth to your points, and fine-tune your statement entirely. 

The Don’ts of Writing a Thesis Statement

Did you manage to come up with a skeleton of your introduction and thesis points? Awesome. However, we can easily get carried away and include things that can destroy our character analysis thesis. 

1. Posing a question. A query should be open-ended, and never has a point of argument that feeds the thesis statement

2. Lists - Whenever a reader feels that you are ‘leading’ them into constricted lines of thinking, they lose interest quickly and may abandon your debate altogether. This is because listing lacks the tension that thesis statements use.

3. Ambiguous, combative or conflicting points. For example, ‘owning a snake pet is immoral’ is a topic that is sure to offend a couple of snake owners in the audience who would have otherwise been in your corner. 

Developing your Character Analysis Body Paragraphs

This is the bulky part of your assignment, where you take time to describe your characters in detail. So, what is a character study? This is the focus on characters in a story almost exclusively. Going back to the movie scenario we had mentioned in the beginning, we can almost imagine the different actors playing varying roles suited to their personality. These are: 

The Protagonists

He/she is the main focus of the narration. The author uses them as a cornerstone for the plot, where without them the story is dead in the water. Protagonists largely end up being the heroes of a story. For example, Simba in the Lion King movie. 


These are the evildoers in the narration. They serve as a balance to the protagonist, like light to the darkness; Ying to the Yang. The antagonist doesn’t necessarily have to be a human being; writers in fictional literature can use an animal, a force of nature, or mystical creature for this. For example, Prince Imhotep in the Mummy sequels. This helps keep readers at the edge of their seats. 

Major Characters

These are essentially actors that dominate the whole story. Call them Stars, if you like. Say, The Fantastic Four superheroes in the movie, The Fantastic Four. 

Minor Characters

These are characters that appear in the first few episodes or chapters of the narration. They are important, simply because they help develop other players and the whole plot. 

Animated and Dormant Characters

Dynamic actors keep changing throughout the plot, making them interesting and flexible. Dormant characters, on the other hand, play a static role from when they first premier to the finish. For example, in the movie Mulan, Mulan is a young girl who goes to play the role of a male soldier in the army, then switches back to being female after being discovered while Mushu, the dragon, helps her with disguising as well as learning the ways of a warrior. Static roles can seem flat, even boring to some individuals, but they play an important role in the plot of the story nevertheless. 


These are special characters, in that they can play three or more types of roles. 

In case of references, use the MLA style for indexing. This will make your work easy for citation. 

Crafting Your Narrative Essay Conclusion

How you finish an essay is as equally important as how you started it. You can come up with a concluding statement, where you stir up love, protest to implement your idea. Remember, you’re finalizing your work - long, tedious statements are out of the question as you may end up wearing your audience thin. 

Finally, review your work thoroughly to correct grammatical mistakes, repetitions, and ambiguities. Lastly, in case of more information that you need to add to your work, feel free to consult your lecturers, teachers, and journalists. 

Need Assignment Help Writing a Character Analysis?

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