Memo Essay Writing Made Simple in This Quick to Follow Guide

Posted on: 27th May 2020

A memo is also [known as a “reminder” or a memorandum] is an internal communicating tool within the organization. You can use a memo essay to share private information with all your employees or call for action.

Unlike an email, you can spread a memo message to a large group of employees like a whole department. Therefore, if you need to relay information to employees regarding official internal business example, upcoming events, or internal changes, a memo essay is necessary.

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6 Main Types of Memo Essays

There are various types of memo essays you can use to spread a particular message to employees. A persuasive memo essay should capture the reader’s attention. It should be clear and concise also ensure the subject line outlines its contents accurately.

The following are types of memo essay.

Directive memo

You may write this type of memo essay to highlight the instructions and procedures to be followed when tackling specific problems. For example, you may draft a directive memo outlining the guidelines and procedures that should be followed by employees when writing reports. It should be clear and specific.

Progress report memos

This memo essay is also known as a status memo. You can compose a status memo to inform a supervisor of the progress of a given assignment or project. This type of memo essay indicates how the project is doing in general. You can highlight

  • The amount of work that you have done in the project
  • The currently part of work that is ongoing
  • Any challenges expected or encountered if any

It is a reassurance that your assignment is going on smoothly, and it will be done on the scheduled date and within the budget.

Periodic reports

These Memo essays are the kind one frequently writes, for example, monthly cost control reports, quarter sales reports. Since they are regular, you should preprint to make it easy to fill them. 

A guideline to build a periodic report

  1. You should preprint fill-in form with information a person can fill in easily
  2. You should be able to reduplicate the form
  3. The form should have space to fill in an elaborated description

Field reports Memo essays

If your employment does fieldwork projects, you might need to compose a field report memo. You should draft documents on meeting clients offsite, new product testing on the field. If you’re in sales, you may be required to go to the field to evaluate the performance of certain new products in the targeted market. 

You might need to outline the outcome performance of the product in the market. Therefore, suggest recommendations on implementation.

Confirmation memo

You required to write this type of memo essay to confirm something that was agreed on verbally. When you are drafting a confirmation memo essay to ensure that you are more specific on agendas that were outlawed and agreed on verbally, create a room to clear out points that the member might have misunderstood. 

Informal study result memo

Employees can be required to write results from an informal study memo. You should outline information in an understandable form.

Instructions on how to write

  • Indicate the purpose at the start of the Memo
  • Indicate headings and subheadings to make the memo essay easily readable
  • Put data in the” findings” section and elaborate in the conclusions section.
  • Be clear and concise. Present different points in an orderly way

The beginning states the intent of the memo essay.

What Is the Difference Between a Memo Essay and Business Letter?

Memo essay is an internal communication tool within the organization that informs the employees of official domestic business. On the other hand, a business letter is an external communication tool. You can write a memo to inquire about information from a government agency, to reply to complaints from your customers and also send proposals to potential clients.

Should be free an even slightest mistakes.

  1. A memo essay is shorter compared to a business letter, which is a bit lengthy.
  2. A memo ends with a call for action asking the intended recipients to focus on work recommended in the Memo. contrary a business letter ends with an official conclusion example the senders’ name
  3. You not required to put on a signature on a memo essay. In business letters, the sender must sign off with their signature.
  4. The tone you use on the memo essay is a bit relaxed compared to a business letter, which is more formal and has more details.

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What Is the Purpose of a Memo Essay?

Spread the news

You use a memo to inform employees on happenings in the organization or within their specific department. You can also communicate official business; for instance, internal policy changes news on promotions, new employees, and ongoing progress projects.

Addressing problems

You may issue a memo to address a specific problem your employees are facing. It should contain information that you have investigated—for instance, absenteeism, complaints from customers’ lack of office etiquette.

Making a request

You can draft a memo to make a request to your employees to attend to meetings, to adhere to changes in work schedules, or for harmony in work activity. It contains instructions to follow to fulfill the request. You can mention the advantages that people will achieve from taking action. You might also highlight the challenges that will occur if they don’t honor the request.

Give feedback

You compose a memo essay to outline feedback on the performance of products or services. Your employees will be enlightened on how their work is being received.

For example, what’s the performance of the newly innovated product in the market?

In conclusion, a memo essay is an essential communicating tool in your organization to relay information to all your staff members. A memo’s primary intent is to record, relay information, and to make brief appeals.

A memorandum is essential in an organization helps to develop good relationships among different departments in the company and also accountability on things.

We should also remember the are different types of memo essays regarding information content you want to convey to your employees.

Here are guidelines tips you should remember on how to write a persuasive memo essay 

  • A memo should be precise and short. It should not exceed one page. The message should be concise and on point
  • The first paragraph should communicate the Purpose of the Memo. The subsequent section should dive deep into more details.
  • Use a professional tone in your Memo. Readers should easily understand the message.

The Structure and Format of Memo essay

How to write a persuasive memo essay ensure you pay more attention to the content of the Memo and format it is essential.

Determine your intent and audience

When composing a memo, start by determining the purpose and intent your Memo should serve.

You should ask yourself. What’s the need to write this Memo? And what is the Memo trying to accomplish?

However, this step may seem unnecessary, but it is quite essential. By answering this question, it will help you construct a well-thought memo structure format and appropriate tone.

Moreover, you should also determine your audience the intended message should convey to. Who will read your memo essay? Is it your boss? Specific department? Or all employees? This will help you to choose the appropriate words and tone to use to convey the message.

Choosing your tone

When you are writing a memo essay, adapt a more formal language. Unlike emails, memo essays should not have opening greetings or closings even though you familiar with people you are communicating with. The primary purpose of the Memo is to spread important information effectively.

Using an appropriate tone is more important. For instance, you are informing your boss of a difficult problem you are experiencing on proceeding projects. You should be straightforward and honest. Nevertheless, you should not use tone is deceitful that indicates false optimism. You should be writing using phrases like “I regret to inform…” and explain how you are tackling the situation.

Format Parts of a Memo Essay

The heading

After you determine the tone intent and your target audience, it will now be easy to fill your header. Here you fill in the information the writer of the Memo. The recipient addressed, the subject, and the date the Memo was sent.

Here is an example that outlines 

a memo header:







You include all names of recipients of the Memo

You should write full names, i.e. 

first and last names for all those you are sending a memo. It also indicates their titles and their departments. that if the Memo is more formal and recipients aren’t 

  1. Familiar with each other
  2. If the receivers are familiar with each other. You just indicate their first initial and last name
  3. You should organize the names of recipients in alphabetical order or their rank positions
  4. If the list is long and not all names can fit at the end of Memo indicate distribution and write the names of all receivers of the Memo


  1. Name of the author of the Memo


  1. Indicate month date and year when the Memo
  2. You should not write in abbreviations


  1. Illustrates the Primary Purpose of the Memo
  2. The header should be clear and concise. It should grab the reader’s attention immediately.

Paragraph one

The opening sentence should be exact as the subject line.

The recipient should quickly understand the Purpose of your Memo. You can start your sentence like, “I’m writing to inform …”, or “I regret to tell you that…” if it’s a sad memo, you should be concise and on point.

Overall, in the first paragraph, you should inform your recipients of what the Memo is all about.

You should use the following paragraphs to get deep on the message.

Paragraph two

In this paragraph, you provide statements reinforcing to your opening paragraph. For instance, if your Memo was informing about the progress of your project. You should indicate in this paragraph how far you are in the project, the work you have completed, and what is currently ongoing.

Paragraph three 

In this paragraph, you call for action. For instance, if you are reporting to your boss on a project you are working on, you can indicate the problem you are experiencing and how you are hoping your boss will help you solve the problem. 


If there are citations in your memo essay, ensure to highlight the sources.

Editing and proofreading

Your memo essay should outline a clear and convincing message. Ensure the Memo is free of typos and formatting errors.

After you are done writing your memo essay proofread your work, you can ask someone else to go through it. The final draft of the Memo should be on point to avoid confusion and miscommunication.

Memo essays should be less than a page. Always ensure that you include all the necessary information needed. You should not try to cut out some information since it can lose the meaning of the intended purpose.

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A Sample Outline of a Memo essay

To conclude, we have outlined two examples of how to write a memo essay.

Sample Memorandum 1


TO: All employees

FROM: Jessicah Brown manager product development

DATE: 3/4/2020

SUBJECT: Rebrand of product y

Due to the underperformance of product y in the market, I’m writing this to inform you that we will be rebranding product y.

We are confident by rebranding product y, it will be more productive, and we expect high performance. There have numerous negative feedback from our customers on the ineffectiveness of product y. for those customers might shift their attention and consider our competitor products. The marketing department will ensure intense advertising and awareness of new, improved rebranded product y.

For more information, the sales reps are expected to help in the promotion of product y. With increased promotion and advertising, we confident the product y will have improved performance in the market. 

Sample Memorandum 2

TO: all staff members 

FROM: Peter Harry


SUBJECT: Managing Director Mr. Johnson Birthday Party

I’m writing to inform you of a birthday party we are planning our MD MR. Johnson

The party will be held on 6th April 2020 in conference hall b on the third floor

The company will provide cake and drinks.

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