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27 March 2020

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Essay Sample on Restaurant

When we come to a restaurant, we always wait for a small gastronomic miracle. However, this is not about places where people just come to eat fast. It is more about the top of the restaurant segment, the “conductor of taste” in the food services market. After all, a restaurant fashion moves from top to bottom, with very few exceptions.

How to make a visit to a restaurant as a small holiday? For this, it is necessary not only to concentrate on the restaurant. The process of preparation of the visit can spoil or, conversely, brighten the impression of the cuisine. Therefore, in addition to the food itself or the recipes, it makes sense to talk about what is an integral part of the process of visiting the restaurant.

So, let’s pay attention to the search process and access to the food places. A car parked in three blocks and half an hour searches can spoil the impression of a romantic dinner, and even the foie gras will cease to seem like a delicacy. If we talk about the premium segment, these issues are extremely important.


What about recipes?

There was a time when the recipes changed from a cook to a cook and restaurants were kept on that. Then there were chefs with vast experience and a broad outlook, who studied all over the world and then instilled knowledge on the ground and thus becoming brand-chefs. The art of cooking was really difficult.

But over the past 30-40 years, the situation has changed a lot. The hands were replaced by kitchen processors, with which you can very accurately cut, rub, squeeze, and so on. To change furnaces, modern ovens came, with accuracy to a degree, percent humidity and second setting parameters of cooking. Instead of “spices by-eye,” kitchen scales are used. Moreover, the talent to evaluate the ingredient that was so important to the experienced chef was changed by the strict standards of food production, when every piece of meat is identical to the previous one.

However, the most important thing is not even all that was mentioned. With the advent of the Internet, to find a recipe suitable for a gourmet restaurant became a matter of 15 minutes. A huge number of websites and blogs dedicated to cooking offer recipes: from highly controversial amateur to complex and infinitely interesting super professional.

For many, the site of Jamie Oliver will also be sufficient, but if you peek under the hood, then absolutely amazing things will unfold, which, having adopted all of the above techniques, it is not so difficult to prepare. Just enough to set the right parameters and the culinary masterpiece is ready. So, do not take advantage of this is a wrong decision.

There are just a few people who move the culinary progress. You don’t need to invent something that can be found completely free in the network, regardless of the level of the restaurant, its orientation, price category and complexity of cooking. After all, there are many resources from which you can get not just recipes, but crazy-delicious dishes that have not yet been tried even by the most delicate connoisseurs: culinary schools websites, professional equipment and dishware manufacturers’ sites, restaurant sites, and individual projects.

Moreover, there are also sites with video recipes, which reduce to zero the probability of error when preparing dishes. However, the question is what can the restaurant give to the visitor from food, when to cook an incredible stewed turkey in a vacuum with foam from parsnip became an easy thing?


This essay restaurant review sample shows another side: the atmosphere and location

There was always a myth of location in the restaurant business. For a while, it was even real. In that times there were not enough restaurants, and getting close to them and parking nearby was very easy. Now the situation is completely different, and many restaurants have become hostages to traffic jams and parking lots. Especially this problem is actualized due to the fact that there are no serious differences between the menus in the restaurants.

Three rules of a successful restaurant “location, location and once again location” should be subject to serious revision. This sample of essay restaurant review is going to do this. Instead of the concept of location, it is correct to use more detailed concepts like accessibility and visibility.

Visibility means that your café or restaurant will be visible from afar. This is important for a medium and premium restaurant. This item can be safely ignored if your café is designed for a very narrow audience and uses modern communication channels in its entirety. You can work without a sign, but you need to be very clear about who are your potential customers. You need to have very specific values that are hardly suitable. Therefore, visibility is important, especially when the place is just starting to work.

The second term is accessibility as it is also extremely important. It is a key indicator of the location of the restaurant, which has rapidly increased its influence over the past years. It is not just that you can easily get to the selected place. It is important to pay attention to the fact that the restaurant could not be passed and that there is a possibility of access to the restaurant from different directions. The presence of comfortable parking can make a restaurant popular even it is located in a far from the most attractive part of the city (or, for example, the city center).

From this point of view, the streets that are adjacent to the “transport arteries of the city”, located at a reasonable distance from the center, are gaining attraction. Having an original menu, they can become quite successful, although still in the center of the city you can find unique quiet and peaceful places. However, the rule remains: the more interesting the menu is, the farther the restaurant can be located.

Another nuance is the restaurant atmosphere. Traditionally, the restaurant is perceived not only as a place to rest and eat something, but also a place where you can have fun. A holiday is a profitable business. Perhaps, it explains the special attention that restaurants show to their interiors.

Nevertheless, if you concentrate on food, then the interior should rather be absent or, to be more precise, be imperceptible, not distracting. For example, a neutral interior is necessary in order to reach the goal that the center of the restaurant visit is still the food.


What is the point of visiting a restaurant?

Heroism in perpetual traffic jams, search for parking and a neutral interior should be adequately rewarded. This is not just a combination of the price and the value of the dishes. If technology is available for every amateur to cook at home, if any of the sublime recipes can be found if not in the form of a video lesson, then with a detailed and illustrated description of the preparation of the dish.

So what is the point of visiting the restaurant? Saving time? Laziness? This is not the motivation for visiting a restaurant. Here in the foreground is something that the restaurant was never associated with before, and this issue was only considered in passing.



Look at the new institutions that open around the world and cause a public outcry. Carefully read the menu. Near almost every dish is indicated its region of origin. No, not a region, but a specific city or economy, the exact geographical name. In addition, as a rule, these are manufacturers who are at a distance of one logistical day, i.е. in principle “today produced – today prepared.” It is not even a trend or a fashion. This is a return to reasonable consumption.

A long time ago the restaurants moved from their farms or contracts with various farms to work through an intermediary – the supplier of products. However, the supplier is a person or company who is interested in such a business. Therefore, it is not in their interest to sell micro-products of products that require separate logistics costs. Nowadays high-level restaurants refuse such services and switch back to direct cooperation with specific farms that supply restaurants with exactly the products that the kitchen needs.

Moreover, the model of a successful and interesting restaurant is beginning to change. From the “supplier of exotic flavors” to the “supplier of fresh products.” One concept does not contradict the other, but it changes the approach and the role model in the restaurant. If before the cook was the creator of the taste, now the winner will be the one who knows the suppliers better. And an effective restaurant will be able to build the most flexible and efficient logistics chain.

Traditional dishes prepared from the best ingredients with modern technology – can work wonders and turn over the notions of banal chicken breast or pork loin. With this approach of the freshest and familiar ingredients that are not proud of their foreign origin, many well-known chefs have long been engaged in transforming the familiar dishes into new forms.

So, as you see from this essay restaurant review example, there are significant changes in the way of doing the restaurant business as well as in the consumers’ preferences. Such changes are not a fast process, but as it seems for now, the restaurant success lies not just in the menu, location or services but in being able to serve fresh and completely natural food.

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