Sample biography essay: Donald Trump and his road to success

27 March 2020

Who can be a good candidate to write his or her biography when you are given such an assignment at your college or university? May be the person who had invented something of high importance of the whole humanity? Or maybe you are looking for a sample biography essay of some historic leader whose deeds and victories are admired by many people from his age to nowadays? The final choice for your written work is always up to you. Though, here we propose you to read an essay biography sample about one of the most well-known persons of recent days – Donald Trump – who dreamt about being a US president and his persistence as well as other qualities finally led him to the realization of his dream.

Many poor people dream of becoming rich. But this does not apply to Donald Trump. This famous businessman was born into a rich family. His father Fred Trump is a millionaire, a construction magnate and a successful developer of New York. Throughout his life, Trump managed to earn more than 20 million US dollars. Everything that Donald did – multiplied his father’s legacy and in 2016 became the newly elected president of the United States of America. He was selected for the post on behalf of the Republican Party. He started his role as a president on January 20, 2017.

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Early ages: how it all started

Donald Trump was born on June 14, 1946 in the family of Fred and Mary Trump. In the Trump family, three children grew up, but only one – Donald – inherited business acumen. Only he took up his father’s business and multiplied his capitals. Donald’s mother always noted his grasp, pressure and some manifestation of aggression, which the father considered the basis of the character of every successful businessman.

The manifestation of the hardness of Donald’s character was always noticeable. At the age of thirteen, because of this, his father sent the future millionaire to study in the military academy in New York. Fred Trump was not mistaken with this decision. In the academy Donald was taught many things, including the ability to survive in a brutal competitive environment as well as the strict discipline.

In addition to the academy, Donald studied many aspects of life with his father, who often pointed to his similarity with his son. The ability to motivate people, communicate with influential people – all this Donald has learnt from his father, who was a millionaire himself.

After training in the military academy, Jr. Trump continued his studies at Fordham College. After a while, Donald suddenly realized what he would do in life. Because of that he dropped out of college and went to the University of Pennsylvania.

After receiving his education, Trump quickly gained a reputation as a successful businessman, as well as television star. Today, this financial tycoon does not just have tens of thousands of millions behind his shoulders, but also copes well with the role of the leading television show about business – “The Candidate”.

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History of success: Career of Donald Trump

Immediately after graduating from the University of Commerce in Pennsylvania, the junior Trump begins to build a career in the family business. After working for the company of the older Trump, he embarks on the famous project for the construction of 1,2 thousand apartments in Ohio – the Swifton Village complex, funded by the US government. Surprisingly, many facts indicate that the size of public investment exceeded the real costs of the project. In general, both the father and son of the Trump family were famous for their passion for working on state projects. Of course, it would allow them to make good money.

Getting first experience in his father’s company, Donald understands that his father does not intend to develop his business further. The business of the older Trump was oriented toward the middle class of the American consumer. This had its advantages, but Donald wanted more. Due to such intensions, he decided to focus on the powerful and the rich of this world.

Before embarking on the realization of his dream, Trump spent a lot of time studying architecture, walking the streets of New York, and gaining experience through painstaking work on complex routine projects.

Independent steps in business

Already by the mid-seventies, Donald Trump won the tender for the purchase of the Commodore hotel, owned by the railway company. Despite the terrible condition of the hotel, Donald took up his reconstruction. The first thing he did on the way to realizing this task was to allow local authorities to pay lower taxes over the next 40 years. Many wondered how Trump managed to achieve this. In fact, this is not surprising, because the Trump family was famous for such talents.

Already by 1980, on the site of the hotel, located in the heart of New York, there was a hotel company Hyatt Hotel Corporation – Grand Hyatt. The hotel has been beautifully restored. Thanks to this, the reputation of Trump’s company went up sharply: all over New York the people were talking about Donald.

Following the Commodore Hotel, Trump took the 68-story Trump Tower on 5th Avenue New York. The peculiarity of this project was its location. The skyscraper was in front of the Tiffany brand store, and also had an unusual name. His choice of Donald explained as follows: “Tiffany stores are always located on the best streets of the city. Wealthy people are always spinning near these stores!”.

Trump Tower in Chicago

In the fact that Donald decided to call the skyscraper his name, there is nothing surprising. This is a deliberate move in the overall strategy of commercial PR. And here Trump was not mistaken. Luxury offices and apartments in the skyscraper quickly sold out, and the brand “Trump” became a kind of symbol of luxury and skyscrapers in New York.

Success literally pursued Donald in every project he realized. The construction magnate was not afraid to take risks. Almost for all his projects he took bank loans, forgetting to be watchful. As a result, Donald Trump generally stopped to delve into the essence of the transaction, which led to the presence of a construction magnate to a debt of $ 9.8 billion US dollars. Donald Trump miraculously managed to survive this crisis at the cost of losing part of his business.

Among the subsequent projects of Donald, deserving special attention, it should be noted the construction of a 72-story skyscraper Trump World Tower opposite the 50-stored UN building.

In addition to the construction business, Donald Trump owns the largest casino network in Atlantic City – Taj Mahal. The history of the acquisition of these casinos is separate. According to many sources, here again Donald did not do without the ability to negotiate with the authorities, who informed him of the intention to make the second Las Vegas from Atlantic City. Thanks to the profitability of the casino, the construction magnate extinguished all of its loans in banks. Many consider buying the first casino for Trump fatal. Today, Donald Trump also owns a golf course and a network of clubs (quite popular in the US).

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Success and popularity

According to the famous American magazine Forbes, Donald Trump is considered the most popular millionaire of the United States. His wealth is inferior to the achievements of such tycoons as Steve Jobs or Bill Gates, but the fate and money of Trump are interested in more often than others. Most likely, this is due to his frequent appearance on American television. In particular, today Donald Trump conducts a television show on the channel NBC – “The Candidate” and regularly organizes a popular beauty contest – “Miss Universe”.

As for business, Donald Trump’s story does not end there. The millionaire has repeatedly stated in live broadcasts about his dream to realize such a project that would bring his name into world history.

In the personal life of a construction magnate, not everything is smooth. Donald has always been, is and will be passionate about business. Therefore, his wives have to put up with this. Trump was married three times and has five children. The last wife – Melanie Knaus – is a model from Slovenia.

The dream of becoming the president of the United States

Donald Trump announced that he will enter into the struggle for the next US president’s post on June 16, 2015. Already in May 2016, he was ahead of all rivals in the primaries. This fact guaranteed him the nomination as the Republican Party’s candidate. The official approve took place on July 18-21 at the party congress. He became the 2d in the history candidate for the US president‘s post (the first was Wendell Wilkie in 1940) from two major parties, who initially gained his popularity firstly as a businessman. On the 8th of November 2016 Donald Trump won the presidential election. He managed to overpass Hillary Clinton – the candidate from the Democratic Party.

In the end I would like to add only one thing: the millionaire Donald Trump has always loved and continues to love living beautifully! He has repeatedly stated in live broadcasts about his dream to realize such a project that would bring his name into world history. And it looks like he did it!

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