Self reflective essay sample: Speaking truly about myself

27 March 2020

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‘What makes the essay self reflective?’ you can ask. Ideally, such paper would be based on deep self investigation and not only. In order to write such an essay, you will probably need to ask other people to give you true feedback on your character and skill. You can be surprised that the picture will look a bit different from the one you imagine yourself. Later you combine all that you consider right about you yourself with how the other people perceive you – and you get a true picture of inner you, such as in the following self reflective essay sample. Try to make your self-reflective essay as close to reality (what you really are inside of you) as possible.

Self reflective essay sample

I consider myself a good-natured person, filled with the best intentions and perceiving the world through higher aspirations and ideals. I look at life and on myself optimistically, trying not to linger on the shady sides. I almost always can find a way out of a difficult situation. I can give useful advice and try not to lose hope in any way. Attentive observation of myself makes me assume that I can seem insensitive even with all my many-sided personality, but it’s not so. I just express myself energetically and as cheerfully as possible, and deep emotions and all sorts of spiritual intricacies – maybe it’s just not my role.

On the other hand, I understand that I must work on some of my shortcomings. They are superficiality, excessive and false enthusiasm, and impermanence; moreover, it is also tempting to get away from the internal problem or project it outward. I’ve already tried to develop myself with all the determination and energy, but I know that my enthusiasm can quickly cool down or switch to something else. I believe that mental analysis, which should be learned from partners and surroundings, can help in working on oneself.

My problem is also that I want more than I achieve, which is probably due to the difficulty of concentration. I am often easily distracted. At the same time, my friends love me for my originality, unusualness, versatility. They even told me once that I’m something of a genius. Perhaps it is because of this that others overload people like me, expecting too much from us.

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I noticed that because of originality, which is manifested even in the style of clothes, people involuntarily pay attention to me: many say that from me a sense of significance comes, even if I do nothing special. But some note that I even listen somehow so that many are imbued with respect for me, and at the same time to themselves. It is very nice and gives me a passion to work on myself more.

I set the following tasks for myself: to improve my personality, expand the scope and boundaries of attention, be more objective and focused, on the one hand, and increase the arsenal of my expressive means, on the other. I understand that this can be difficult, since it is necessary to work very hard on yourself, your personality, to be versatile, to understand everything and not to succumb to primitive flattery, seeking not obedience, but spiritual growth of your wards.

By the zodiac sign, I am Aquarius. They say that Aquarius is characterized by a great coldness, detachment from the world; he is mainly interested in mental ideas, and people only in so far as they perceive his ideas. The main ideas of Aquarius are very specific, inherent to him alone, and incomprehensible to other zodiacal signs. And indeed it is so. People tell me about that. One of my major problems is to decipher the information that came to me (as if in the order of inspiration or revelation) – idea, thought, impulse. This, as a rule, is rather difficult, since, for the adequate perception of fundamentally new ideas, it is always necessary to develop a special symbolic language that Aquarius does not initially own (or simply does not exist). This requires a lot of work and a sincere desire to understand the essence of things and the coming ideas.

I have many ideas. I will try to describe them in clear language and find the right addressee for my ideas so that they can be realized. Since, as a rule, after I voice and start planning something new, I soon lose interest in this idea as already banal and begin to be interested in the next one. Therefore, it is important for me to have friends or partners who could more consistently and constantly work on bringing my ideas and projects to life. I want to create confinement of like-minded people and thus move towards common goals. I also understand that I need to limit my eccentricity, reduce stubbornness, and pay attention to the world around me, for which I want to implement my projects.

Also, the concept of friendship is important to me. I understand friendship as a natural condition that replaces sometimes all other types of relationships between people. I consider everyone without exception good acquaintances and teachers in my life and with all who do not resist it, I make friends, not putting emotional shade in this concept, but bearing in mind the community of any interests.

By nature, I’m a bit short-tempered and unpredictable. What I say or do in the next moment of time, no one can foresee in advance, including myself. On the other hand, I appreciate my ability to differentiate my tasks in terms of their importance, and also the ability to work hard if I decided so. Using healthy skepticism, I can analyze my ideas, rejecting the most eccentric and light-weight of them, and subjecting the rest to careful monitoring and analysis. At the same time, I sometimes find it psychologically difficult to believe in my abilities and I postpone my creativity in favor of everyday existence.

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In conversations, I’m still inclined to talk not about myself but about other people; in some cases – about my ideas, which I perceive (unconsciously) impersonally as if they are not mine. Me, when I am not very emotionally involved, will not talk about weight with my new acquaintance, not about my own activities, but about other people’s interests. These people appreciate me, ask for my advice, and respect my opinion. I am also inspired by the love of the new and the desire to help people in their development.

I believe that I can help, contribute and influence on the following: all kinds of inventions, unexpected clever constructive decisions, an incomprehensible mental synthesis, when in place of scraps of knowledge, hypotheses and guesses, a harmonious building of integral mental construction, scientific theory, etc. arises. Often the situations that arise in my life do not have emotionality and are not expressed in immediate changes, although sometimes accompanied by the collapse of outdated mental constructions and theories they are subjected to witty and sometimes devastating criticism from the unexpected side.

For me, not only the originality and some fantastic ideas are characteristic, but nevertheless some constructiveness, and also the belief that what I believe in (my ideas) have great power and in one form or another will necessarily enter life. But I would not want everything that I say or do to be perceived as something random, chaotic, something with false eccentricity, stupid and incomprehensible stubbornness, and excessive demands without accompanying internal discipline. This, unfortunately, rarely but happens, that’s why I continue to work on myself. Sometimes people perceive me as a person who is detached, talented, but incomprehensible by behavior and internal motivation. I want to change this and be simpler and more understandable to ordinary people.

I consider myself a leader. I have a conscious desire to take the dominant position in every situation, to be “the main character in any play”. I can correctly assess the circumstances, make the right decisions. At the same time, I try to behave with direct and simple sincerity, and not react to everything that happens with a pompous and inappropriate self-confidence. I do not want to lead people by example. I try to lead in such a way that the people would develop their best qualities and skills in themselves without being strongly forced.

When I have a goal, I am easily encouraged and enthusiastic. I am characterized by idealism, optimism, excessive sociability, and (often) gullibility. I am also a realist in things that do not bother me much and in everything else – I am an idealist, ready to “win or die.”

Summarizing all of the above-mentioned issues in this self-reflective essay, I want to say that I consider the generosity and optimism to be the main positive qualities of mine. I try to overcome difficulties and take appropriate lessons from them. Optimism and self-confidence do not allow me to lose the goals, which, as a rule, I try to achieve. I like to help other people, and also to take care of the family. My relatives and friend praise me for good intellectual abilities, contemplation, and the ability to enjoy life. Also, I like to travel and get acquainted with other countries and cultures. That’s all that I wanted to say about me currently. Though, there is much more for me to discover and develop in myself. Maybe it is really so when the people say that our main goal on the Earth is to understand who we truly are.


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