The successful famous person essay sample for your consideration: Albert Einstein

27 March 2020


In this article you will be able to examine important person essay sample about such prominent person in a history as Albert Einstein. Pay attention to introduction, way of presenting material and style of the text that you can possible use in your own essay about famous person.

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Sample Paper

Why is there such a subject as history, why is it studied at schools? After all, everything that happened in the centuries has already passed. All these battles, historical processes have become irrelevant. Why do we need to know about them? Why to learn the dates that have long been a thing of the past? What famous personalities does history remember and honor the most?

I thought about this issue and came to the following conclusion. Science history preserves in its memory the events of the past days. This is our cultural heritage. We know that there is a past that we have roots in. As an inheritance from our ancestors, we get a rich culture and from history books we can find out how all that was created, which personalities played the most significant roles for the whole mankind. (get assignment help today)

Mobile phones, cars, books, wise sayings of great people, the moral principles by which people live are our historical heritage. History helps us to know that all this has not appeared out of nowhere, in a moment. We can learn how people created their culture and why, how they lived without it, what difficulties they had to overcome, for example, during the invention of an electric bulb or on the road to democracy.

But why to study history in detail, learn dates, memorize historical personalities? For example, the affairs of kings, who died a long time ago? It is worth doing because history gives us a general picture of the world. We see the causes and consequences of events and think about them. For example, the fact that internecine wars lead to devastation in the country. So it’s better not to get involved in them. The cult of personality leads to a cruel tyranny. Hence, it is better not to allow this. History gives us lessons for the future, so that we take them into account in practice.

And the story of humanity is rather interesting. It’s amasing to know how people once lived differently. They had other views, customs, traditions. Someone believed in idols, someone respected the holy Inquisition, someone believed that they would wash enough once a year. In their houses everything looked quite different than what we are now used to. It is interesting to get acquainted with the thoughts of long-gone people who have brought to us historical books. History broadens the horizon of a person.

What is the most important figure in history for me? I often thought about this question and many famous personalities came to my mind. But finally I realized that I admire Albert Einstein and his contribution to the history of mankind.

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Albert Einstein was one of the greatest thinkers of all time. In his childhood years, the future genius did not appear to be very smart. Albert was a quiet, withdrawn child; he rarely played with other children, learned to speak for a long time and at the age of seven could only repeat short phrases. But at the age of five he was impressed by the compass he had given to his father. The ability of the arrow to show the direction to the north and south fascinated him with its mystery and inexplicability on the basis of ordinary ideas. At the age of 12 he was fascinated by the beauty of mathematical logic, after reading a book he accidentally found on Euclidean geometry. He inherited those abilities from his father, and his propensity for music – from his mother. Over time, he learned to play well on the piano and the violin.

As a child, Einstein read greedily popular science literature, in his own way comprehending the phenomena of social life. Later, Albert tried to enter the higher federal polytechnic school in Zurich, known for its high level of teaching in the field of natural sciences. However, he did not pass the entrance exams. Despite extensive knowledge in the field of mathematics and physics, Einstein failed in examinations in foreign languages and history. 

On the advice of the rector of the Polytechnic, Albert entered the graduation class of the cantonal school in Aarau. This school made an indelible impression on him with its liberal spirit, as well as with the modesty and seriousness of the teachers, who were helped by genuine, not blown authority. Comparison with the six-year stay in the German grammar school, where authoritarian rule reigned, clearly showed Albert how much education, based on freedom of action and a sense of responsibility to oneself, is more perfect than education, built on a drill, blown authority and ambition. It was then that he realized that democracy is not an empty word. There, at the Aarau school, Einstein began to think about physics, which later led him to create a special theory of relativity.

One can’t help but mention one more fascination with Einstein – music. He willingly participated both in home music, and in amateur concerts. In his student years he became a good violinist. He played Handel and Brahms, Schumann and Schubert, but his favorite composers were always Bach and Mozart. It was in their works that he was conquered by the transparency and harmony that he sought, building his theories of the universe. (editing and proofreading services)

The most successful was Einstein’s 1905 year. During this 26-year-old physicist published in the journal five articles, which were genuine masterpieces of scientific thought. The work “On one heuristic point of view on the origin and transformation of light” contained a bold hypothesis about light quanta – elementary particles of electromagnetic radiation, flying in the world space like bullets. The Einstein hypothesis made it possible to explain the photoelectric effect: the appearance of a current when the substance is illuminated by short-wave radiation. Later Einstein was awarded the Nobel Prize for this work. It opened a new quantum era in the development of physics.

The article “Towards the Electrodynamics of Moving Bodies” can be regarded as an introduction to a special theory of relativity, which revolutionized the notion of space and time.

The article “Does the inertia of the body depend on the energy contained in it?” completes the creation of a relativistic theory (from the Latin relativus – “relative”). Here, for the first time, the relationship between mass and energy was proved, in modern notation: E = mc2. Einstein wrote: “… if the body gives energy E as radiation, then its mass decreases by E / c2 … The mass of the body is the measure of the energy contained in it.” This discovery went beyond physics, technology and philosophy and until now indirectly determines the fate of mankind. After all, atomic energy is nothing more than a mass that has become energy.

The appearance of such epoch-making works did not bring Einstein a quick recognition. Though, such famous scientists as Max Planck, Wilhelm Win, Arnold Sommerfeld and Max Born corresponded and met with him. In 1916 he published The Foundations of the General Theory of Relativity.

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Soon Einstein realized that his theory should determine the general structure of the Universe. The Einstein’s Universe, arranged and living according to the laws of the general theory of relativity, is static and unchanging. It has a finite mass, that is, a finite number of stars, galaxies and a finite volume. The Einstein universe turned out to be self-contained. It was finite, but unlimited, since it had neither “walls” nor space “behind the walls”.

Even the war did not interrupt the scientific creativity of Einstein. Attacks on Einstein from the fascists intensified after the awarding of the Nobel Prize to him in 1921, it even reached the threat of murder. However, he continued active scientific work, read many public lectures. He often traveled, contributing to the restoration of international scientific ties, disturbed by the world war. But when in the autumn of 1932 he left for the US, it was the final farewell to his homeland.

The scientist was forced to renounce German citizenship and settle in the United States, where he became a permanent member of the Institute for Advanced Studies in the University of Princeton. At that time of his scientific activity he tried to create a unified field theory, i.e. a theory that would unite all existing physical fields. For many years he continued to work hard, but the level of development of physics at that time did not allow to go so far. Einstein himself spoke of his theory as incomplete one.

Living in America, Einstein closely followed the development of the political situation in Europe. The discovery of the fission of the uranium nucleus alarmed him. In a letter that was sent to President Roosevelt on October 11, 1939, Einstein drew attention to the real possibility of creating nuclear weapons. In his opinion, the US should have created an atomic bomb as soon as possible in order to exclude a possible monopoly on its possession of fascist Germany. A few years later, however, Einstein strongly condemned the American government when atomic bombs were dropped on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Shortly before his death, Albert Einstein and philosopher Bertrand Russell appealed to the governments of the great powers, in which they warned humanity against self-destruction in the atomic war. (term paper help)

Thus, Einstein’s contribution to history is so great that, perhaps, it would not be entirely correct to say that he lived and worked in the 20th century. Rather, on the contrary, the twentieth century will remain in history as the century in which Einstein lived.

Now you have an idea how to present famous person’s biography together with your own conclusions due to this important person essay example. We hope it will benefit for your own creative work.

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