How to write book review of The Great Gatsby

By | April 30, 2017

Review of the book The Great Gatsby

Maybe at the beginning writing a book review may seem simple, but it’s a kind of hard job that requires great personal skills and abilities to write down your thoughts logically. Remember that you should not only summarize facts, but to introduce a well-structure critical discussion of the book. Before starting write your original book review of the great Gatsby, you should get to know how to write this work right.

Algorithm of the review

If you are planning to write a critical book review of The Great Gatsby, first of all you should realize the algorithm how to write this paper:

  1. Carefully read the book and try to take notes – just write down all your thoughts and impressions while reading. If you have enough time, it’s better to read the book twice or even more times.
  2. Define the book’s genre.
  3. Define the main themes highlighted in the book.
  4. Define the author’s writing style.
  5. Analyze how good the author achieves the main goal of the book.
  6. Think why you would like to recommend this book to others.

Book review structure

Your work should be written according to certain rules. Here is how your paper structure must look:

  1. Introduction – write a bright beginning to involve readers to read the whole review. You shouldn’t write a lot here, but something to grab people’s attention. If you are not sure what to write in this part, you can write the introduction after you already finished the main part and conclusion. In this case, it would be easier for you to understand what you should put at the very beginning of your review.
  2. Main part:
    – book summary – tell readers what this book is about, what author wanted to tell people.
    – critical analysis – analyze if the author achieved goals, compare this book with others if possible. During this part, you have to use quotes from the book, this will help to support your discussion a lot. Don’t forget to cite your sources.
  3. Conclusion – sum up your analysis, discuss why you would recommend others to read this book.

Polishing your work

When the review is finished, revise it to correct spell and grammar errors. Also, make sure you didn’t make logical mistakes in writing. If you feel it’s hard to edit your own work, sometimes it’s useful to ask a friend/relative/teacher to read your paper and tell their opinion. Though even if you can’t give your work to others for some reason, don’t be upset! Nowadays, we live in a century of new computer technologies, so you can use different online services and sites for checking grammar errors. Book review is a serious work that must look professional, so proofread your work at least twice to avoid mistakes.

Critical review of the great Gatsby book

The Great Gatsby is at once a cynical and romantic novel written by F. Scott Fitzgerald. This book highlights the post-war period. Author brings us to the 1920s and shows what people valued then. After war, young people are in the lack of stability, they are looking for the new lifestyle.

This story shows us the Jazz Age period in the United States, and author portrayed all events and characters with detail and elaboration. Nick Carraway who just moved to New York, becomes neighbors with mysterious and rich Jay Gatsby that grabs readers’ attention from the first page. With Daisy Buchanan character Fitzgerald shows us that people of that time were in seeking of the American dream. Daisy cheats her husband with a rich Gatsby because she loves money and luxury things. This behavior evokes negative emotions from readers and gives a lot of food for thoughts, especially if to try to compare modern Americans and their value with those described in the book. Author defines the American dream as a strong desire to imperialism and individualism. Though this dream is distorted, it’s like Jay’s dream to be with Daisy who betrays her lovely husband just because of her desire to money, luxury and splendor.

With this novel, F. Scott Fitzgerald wanted to create something extraordinary but simple. The book is written is concise and sharp prose that grabs your attention from the very beginning and keeps in tension till the end. We don’t like Daisy, Gatsby or even Nick but we are deeply involved in the book because author succeed to grab readers’ attention. He showed to us that people can be so much empty and lonely that they are unable to find their dream and they even push it way when they finally move to it. Such a short story, but it’s full of dreams and desires.

This book describes in details the lifestyle of the Jazz Age. Fitzgerald achieved his aim in bringing to people thoughts about what is more important in life. Author makes readers think about real life values, cherishing such qualities as love and sincerity. We understand these things will always be important even in a society surrounded with materialism and greed.

Help in writing the original book review of the great Gatsby

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