How to write a cause and effect essay: way to success

By | April 27, 2017

cause and effect essay writing

There are many types of essay, and sometimes people need to write work to analyze the connection between of cause and effect. Apart from schools and universities, many reporters and bloggers use this type of essay in their work.

Cause and effect essay topic

At the very beginning, lets define what is a cause and effect essay. As it’s already clear from its name, this work main goal is to discuss why something happened, and what happened after a specific circumstance.

That’s why when you are searching for a topic for this essay, you need to find an event that has a cause and effect. Even huge topics are acceptable only if you would choose a few effects and causes from them. We have a simple idea about creating good cause and effect essay topics: all you have to do is to analyze causes and effects before writing. Just take a piece of paper, write down all effects and causes that are related to your topic, and check if the connection is really strong between them. It’s an excellent way to pick up an interesting topic with good connected cause and effect.

Cause and effect essay outline

After choosing a topic, you need to make an outline of your work before starting write. Investigate the subject and find out possible causes and effects you may highlight in the work. Remember that you are able to make an essay with many effects that are caused by the one reason, or to pick up just the one effect that was caused by many things. Just brainstorm all possible effects and causes and make your choice.

Before writing your essay, you should define what style you will use: informative or persuading.

You should make your outline according to this structure:


This is a short part of your work (no need to write more than 6-7 sentences) that will introduce your work’s topic to readers. You also have to write a thesis statement (your work main goal) in the introduction. Remember that your thesis can contain one or several sentences, but keep in your mind that you can’t write here a quote or a question.

The introduction is a first paragraph of the work, so readers should be involved in reading. Make a bright and interesting intro, but remember that it shouldn’t be long comparing to other paragraphs of the essay.

Body part

In the main part of your essay you need to write at least three paragraphs showing the causes and illustrating the effects.


This part should tie all previous paragraphs together, and summarize your work logically.

Cause and effect essay format

You already know that relation between effects and causes may be different. According to this, your work may be formatted by these types:

one effect, many cases

This type consists of five paragraphs:

cause 1
cause 2
cause 3
one cause, many effects

This type used when you have many effects that caused by one reason. The structure include five paragraphs:

effect 1
effect 2
effect 3
causal chain (domino)

You need to use this structure when an event leads to another event, and that event leads to something else and so on. In this case, your essay will have seven paragraphs:

causal link 1
causal link 2
causal link 3
causal link 4
causal link 5

Checking errors and improving your work

After finishing your work, you need to revise it, but at start just leave it for a while. You have to distract from writing and refresh your mind, and this will help you to notice and correct all mistakes later. It’s good to check your work with “fresh” eyes, so never be in rush with proofreading. You may propose your friend/relative/colleague read your work. Your first reader may give you interesting and useful ideas about improving your work. Only after this you may revise your work by yourself. Sometimes it’s more comfortable for people to make corrections on the hard copy, so try to print the essay out and re-read it thoroughly. If you prefer to correct your work on the computer, feel free to use online vocabularies and programs for grammar checking to make your work perfect.

Cause and effect essay examples for college

As we mentioned above, this type of essay is one of preferable for students to write about. If you are a student that needs to write a work for school, it could be useful to read examples written by others. You can find a lot of successful and well written essays on internet, or to ask a teacher to provide you with some examples of other students’ papers. If the topic wasn’t defined by your school teacher and you feel unsure about a right choice, search on internet for cause and effect essay topics for college students.

Help in creating a great work

Writing is a complicated process that requires a lot of skills, and sometimes people need help in creating something really good on paper. Not all people are enough talented to write a great and interesting essay that would involve many readers, and sometimes we all need some help. If you are struggling with writing a cause and effect essay for your school, university or work, just order a brilliant work on our site. We have many professional writers that are very experienced on writing this type of essay, so you will get a lot of compliments of your work. Great writing is our main specialty, and we are ready to fulfill your task in the shortest terms! Just contact us and provide with detailed data about the essay you want us to write; we promise to do our best.

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