How to Write Expository Essay: The Best Student’s Guide

Posted on: 13th April 2020

The article is a comprehensive guide that provides invaluable information on how to write expository essay.

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So, expository essay, huh? And, could you be wondering where to start? How about we take it from the top? By the way, you can also check out some expository essay examples in our resource center.

What is an Expository Essay?

An expository essay definition can be described as a type of educational writing in which the writer informs his readers about a work of fiction, a series of events, among other subjects.

This form of academic writing borrows its name from a famous technique used in the film sector, known as exposition. Filmmakers often use this tool to fill in the audience on a movie’s main plot points. It’s more or less the same thing when it comes to writing.

As such, when writing an expository essay, your job is to illustrate or explain a given item until it’s clear for your readers. Here’s how it differs from other types of college essays; you (the writer) should not have a subjective opinion on the topic of choice. As a result, an expository essay should be written in a neutral style. To emphasize, when writing such an essay, you should leave out any individual sentiments you may have.

Overall, the essence of writing an expository essay is to examine a particular idea, collect

evidence to support the idea and eventually to present a logical argument on the given topic.

Types of Expository Essays

While the primary objective of writing an expository essay doesn’t change, you can write more than one kind of expository essay. 

Cause and Effect Essay

It suffices to say that cause and effect essays are the most common type of expository writing in school. The tutors in our essay writing service like to call this type of essay the “knee-jerk reaction” assignment. Care to venture a guess why?

Here’s why. Cause and effect essays primarily discuss why a particular thing happened and then discuss the implications. Generally, you must answer two questions when handling this type of essay.

Why did it happen?

What’s the outcome?

Managing to answer these questions successfully will not only help you develop a definite cause and effect essay outline but also write a great essay.

Compare and Contrast Essay

When your professor asks you to write a compare and contrast essay, you should choose at least two subjects and explain their similarities and differences. This type of expository essay is also known as a comparative analysis essay. The writing bit of the article will require you to present substantial evidence outlining various aspects of the comparison, and also show the reader why it’s important to contrast the different subjects.

Problem and Solution Essay

As the name suggests, this type of essay requires the author to describe a particular issue and suggest solutions. When writing a problem and solution essay, you’ll have to analyze a given subject from different perspectives. As a result, you’ll be able to find the best solution for the problem you’re addressing. Eventually, you must convince your audience that your proposition is the best.

Process Essay

A process essay can also be referred to as a how-to essay. This type of expository writing is mostly used to explain the procedure of doing something. The Process is usually outlined chronologically.

When writing such a paper, you must demonstrate that you are sufficiently knowledgeable on a subject. Consequently, the author must easily explain the concept that a less knowledgeable reader would comprehend quickly.

Our essay on how to write expository essay can pass for a process essay. However, a recipe is an excellent example.

Classification Essay

Contrary to common opinion, a classification essay is more than a list of items. When writing such an essay, you begin with a general subject, and then split it up into various categories.

Descriptive Essay

A descriptive essay explains any complicated concepts or terms which could imply different things if not clarified. In the essay’s intro, you first need to give standard word definitions, then provide definitions that combine your thoughts and experiences. When concluding, summarize the main argumentative points and pick a suitable topic.

Expository Essay Outline

Typically, the outline is as simple as

1. The Introduction

2. 1st Body paragraph

3. 2nd Body paragraph

4. 3rd Body paragraph 

5. Conclusion

The initial stage is whereby the author gives an introduction to his thesis statement. The other three steps which follow are lengthy and discuss the practical and characteristic details are explained. The final step is whereby the entire thing comes to compile to a subtle conclusive statement that has the essay tied in a top-notch draft.  

Expository Essay Structure

Frankly speaking, this part depresses students to the extent of procrastination and blocks, and it can be frustrating and disappointing. You can even lose interest, which is terrible news. Have a look at how you can write the expository introduction essay.

The structure for the introduction consists of:

A mind-blowing appealing hook- 

The topic’s information which will give a context to the audience 

The thesis statement: a verdict on what you will write about

TIP: When you’re with the draft, write an introduction. Hence you will possess a plethora of points that you can use to extract your thesis. Then decide on a catchy hook.  

Concluding your Expository Essay

In unison with the introduction, a compelling conclusion is vital for all expository essays.

Use three sentences to conclude, and neither should state your thesis nor the statement here. However, you have to explain in what way the essay’s info and the end tied up. The essay conclusion answers the discussion body, and you shouldn’t introduce new points and always give it a positive remark. Let your audience remember you with the completion and provide them with something to contemplate.  

Golden Points when doing the conclusion:

Be clear

Finish the thoughts and never present other ideas

Restate your thesis then explain how the essay proves it

Be straightforward and objective

Benefits of an Expository essay

All said and done, but why should you use precious time compiling an expository essay? It isn’t because your professor loathes and wants to bury you in depressing homework. Think of it, these kinds of pieces will aid you in developing vital skills needed in years after school. With that, have a look at the benefits you can get from penning down an expository essay. 

Research and Evaluate the Info

Anything can be uploaded in this internet era, and it’s a daunting task to comprehend what’s false or true. Hence with this skill, you can research and become more skillful. Information evaluation will help you in knowing if the information is reliable and relevant or just fake. 

Critical Thinking

When writing expository essays, you often need the have the issue evaluated and then approach it from a different perspective. Hence your skill of critical thinking is developed, which is a specific skill required in this Gen Z.

Express Thoughts Clearly

Aa plethora of information is needed when doing an expository essay though you need to be coherent when describing. Hence you’ll know how to share and express your thoughts. 

Organizational Skills and Time Management 

This type of essay will teach you organizational skills and how you can logically express them. Also, you will manage time effectively, which is needed to improve your adult life. 

The Process of Writing an Expository Essay

There are four steps followed when writing this essay. These are prewriting, drafting, revising as well as editing. It might seem as if it will sap your energy away from your body, but it isn’t as bad as it appears honestly.

Prewriting your Expository Essay

In this particular phase, you need to brainstorm an expository topic if you were not given by your teacher beforehand then state your thesis, after which you need research done. It will help in outlining before writing the essay.

Choosing an Excellent Expository Topic

Come up with niche ideas of which you have an idea. Then make a topic list that is appealing to you and feel will be of interest to your readers. After that, narrow it to a topic that is easy to research on. After choosing it, answer the following queries:

Does it interest you?

Do you possess background knowledge of the topic?

Can you quickly get credible references for your topic?

Can your reader rely on you to explain the topic?

After the topic is ready, you can now research. You shouldn’t skip this part regardless of your background knowledge on the issue. Remember, references will be required, and more details later. You will also discover other things concerning your topic that you will need to interpolate in your essay. The research will also be required to get examples. Besides, you need to write all the paragraphs as well as stating a thesis?

What Is a Thesis?

This is your essay’s heart. If it doesn’t exist, then no existing grades for you. In short, a thesis statement is an introductory sentence that identifies your main idea or even its central purpose. For other students, this is the hardest part of writing an essay. However, you’re lucky since you will now know. Pen down your thesis statement to your outline, with researched information as well as examples. You are now ready to commence the drafting.

Drafting your Expository Essay

After the outline and thesis are done with, begin your expository essay. Draft every paragraph while referring to your thesis statement to prevent missing out any points. Make use of transitional words in each paragraph to aid in reinforcing your message, supporting the facts as well as making it effortless for your audience to follow the train of your thoughts. Start each body paragraph with a topic sentence to introduce what it will entail. Develop the idea and present the evidence in every paragraph

Golden Tips for Penning a Body Paragraph

Offer facts that will assist readers in digesting the point.

Avoid any biased info and strategize on straightforward language that’s clear, short with appropriate adverbs, and active verbs.

Select shreds of evidence, which will be a telling example for the thesis.


This is the final step. You must read your essay repeatedly to check for fluff, spelling mistakes, clarity, and grammar. Ensure that it is engaging for your readers to countercheck. Ask your peer or a friend to read the essay then share their comments with you loudly.

Besides, you can loudly read the essay. The trick here is to aid you in identifying grammar and phrases constructions that could sound irked.

Try online tools that will aid you in checking grammar such as Ginger, After the Deadline, Grammarly, Hemingway, and many more.

Request an editor to check the essay and share the feedback on anything you should alter or improve.

Express Yourself! 

Do you know Expository essays are merely a gift? It allows you to express your mind without rejection fears. Besides, they are your opinion concerning the issue at hand. You will be only wrong if you cannot support the claims with facts, reasoning, and logic. Hopefully, you can now pen down your expository essays without been cowed down by the task. 

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