Some Quick Tips On How to start an essay and Grasp Your Readers’ Attention

Posted on: 26th May 2020

Wonder what makes your essay interesting? It’s how you start an essay that determines whether your reader will be captivated or not. 

Or what captures the reader’s attention and encourages them to keep reading? Here is the trick; a great start off of an article is crucial. An effective introductory paragraph should inform and motivate. 

For instance, suppose you have an exciting topic to write about, but begin your essay with a weak introduction paragraph. Do you think your target audience will keep reading? You guessed it right, and they won’t read until the end-poor introduction will withdraw your audience’s attention and interest at the start of an essay. Find out strategies and methods for beginning an essay that will capture your target audience’s attention towards your essay. Let’s start with the basics.

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What Is an Introduction in an Essay?

It is an essential part of an essay. A good introduction paragraph should motivate and inform. The primary purpose of the introduction is to outline 

  • the context of the entire essay
  • Capture your reader’s attention and keep them motivated and engaged in reading your article from start to end.
  • Highlight the purpose and tone of the entire paper.

How to write an essay introduction?

There are different types of essays which can be categorized into

There are multiple ways on how to start writing an essay introduction based on the type of essay and your target audience.

Summarize your argument

It is crucial to start an essay with a sum up information in the introductory paragraph in case you are writing a persuasive essay. It will give your readers insight into your main specific focus point you are trying to persuade them into an agreement. Your reader will identify the logic you will apply to support your argument.

Hook your reader

If you are writing a creative essay, start your essay by grabbing the reader’s attention. 

Most creative writings tend to be more emotionally charged compared to other essays. So, as a writer, you want your audience to be fascinated and intrigued. 

You can avoid writing wordy sentences, keep it short and clear something that will draw your reader’s attention.

For example, you can begin with a

  • A metaphor
  • A surprising fact
  • An anecdote
  • An interesting question

Remember, also, to outline your structure and supporting ideas at the start of the essay will help your readers not get lost in your writing.

Outline the most relevant information

This kind of approach applies if you are writing a journalistic essay. Begin with the most crucial information in the starting off paragraph. You should be descriptive and state facts when writing off the introduction so that your writing should not reflect your opinions. Your objective is to give your reader the upfront information in the shortest time possible. The information should answer crucial details like what? When? And where? It will help your reader grab the above information in the essay. In the following paragraphs, you should dive deep into details to support your essay introduction.

Use an informative surprise

You are adding an element of surprise at the beginning of an essay that is new to your reader that will immediately draw your reader’s attention and create interest in what will follow next. For instance, you can state interesting statistical data and teach your audience an informative, factual element of which they were not aware.

Hook your readers emotionally

It applies well if you are writing a personal or political essay. 

Drag your audience to be emotionally involved in the subject topic of the essay. Here is an example of what I mean

If you are writing a piece that proposes a change in migration rules, you can start your essay on how these changes affect the lives of citizens.

Being an essay with an anecdote

An anecdote is a short amusing story about a real incident. This approach of a comic anecdote will hook your reader’s attention better. 

An anecdote might not fit in the body but can act as a good start off-hook of an essay.

For instance, if writing an essay about an artist, you can begin off by writing an exciting and humorous story of his/her odd behaviors. You can get away with little jokes when writing an essay on entertainment or art since there are few rules and expectations.

Avoid clichés

You can start your essay introduction with a thought-provoking question, rather than an annoying outdated rhetorical question because a relevant question will make readers actively involved in the subject matter, they will not tune out. General and cliché statements make your essay boring and unoriginal.

Stay formal for scientific essay

Are you wondering how to start writing a scientific, technical, and analytical essay for informative purposes? You should state the relevant information purely. Such writings you should not include jokes imagery or anything not connected to the subject matter. The primary purpose of this essay is to lay out essential information about specific topics.

Proceed with the thesis

It should be clear and on point. It indicates your stand on the subject topic, but the layout of examples that support your thesis argument in the rest of your paper.

Setting a tone

You should set an appropriate tone to use in your essay introduction and throughout your article. Knowledge of your target audience will help to choose the kind of mood to present information so the tone can be either friendly or strict, formal, or informal, therefore, when writing a persuasive essay, an assertive and confident tone is more suitable.

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Create the Context Road map to Your Essay

Hook sentence should draw attention and relate to the broad topic

You should start writing an essay with an attention-grabbing paragraph. Readers are always selective about what to read and what not to read if you don’t draw the reader’s attention immediately, the likely not to read the whole essay.

In the introduction, you should explain the relevance of your hook sentence. Let your audience know how it connects with the rest of the essay. If your reader understands the relevancy of a hook sentence, most likely, he/she will read the rest of your essay. Use appropriate transitional words for a better flow of ideas

Most writers 

  • Compose a hook sentence last after drafting the whole essay because this helps to craft an exciting opening line.
  • You can state an element of surprise little known by your readers. For instance, with fascinating statistics, a quote, or insightful information.

Draw your reader to information part of the essay

An exciting hook first sentence is right. However, you should write a follow up with a sentence that connects the rest of the essay. It makes your reader engaged in the article and will not lose interest in your story. These sentences explain the broader concept of your essay based on the specific and narrow concept in hook sentence.

Laying out the purpose of the essay

Here you tell your reader what to expect in the essay. 

After introducing the essay, you should let your reader know your intentions, maybe to inform or persuade because by now, the reader should know the topic of the essay, why it is crucial, and what the article is all about.

Highlight the structure of the essay

Let your reader understand the basic structure of your essay. 

Outline on how you will base your argument. Presenting the primary subject matter of discussion helps the reader to understand the essay’s purpose explained in the prior sentence.

Provide background information

Next, after presenting your topic to your reader in the essay introduction. Provide the reader with background information to support your thesis and argument. May include the following depending on the subject topic of your essay

  • A summary of relevance theories or scholarly articles
  • Meanings of unfamiliar terms
  • Historical or social factors

The information should explain the broader context of your topic but should not have many details. Additionally, it should be clear, focused, and relate to your argument. You should not include evidence and interpretations in your essay introduction because it should be part of the body in the essay.

Provide the main idea

It is called a thesis. It is a clear and concise one sentence that presents the main point of the essay. In some essays, the thesis statement is written in the opening of the first paragraph. But typically, a thesis statement is included at the end of the first paragraph.

Keep the introductory paragraph short.

The introduction of the essay should be short. However, you should not compromise quality and clarity. The beginning is the opening window to your essay, and it should be enticing and fascinating. It will invite your reader’s attention to read the body of the essay. 

Introduction Strategies You Should Use When Starting an Essay

Write the introduction last 

The start of an essay is the most crucial part of a paper. There are no rules on how to start writing an essay, and you can begin anywhere that is easiest to write at the body or introduction but should relate with purpose. However, it is crucial to write the introduction last so as it will be both suitable and sufficient. When composing your essay, your arguments and idea might keep changing. It will be necessary to craft the introduction last because you will have a better understanding of your topic subject.

Brainstorm ideas 

Everyone, even the top writers run out of ideas at times. You can get a clean sheet paper brainstorm and write several introduction ideas. Choose the one which you feel is most suitable. Research on ideas, arguments, and search for relevant sources to support your thesis.

Revise and proofread your work

A good writer should not submit their work without revising it. You can start with the essay introduction, but as you compose your essay, your arguments and ideas might not suitably reflect your introductory paragraph. You can go back and edit your introduction to be suitable for your topic.

Revising also helps you to identify grammar errors, fix unclear parts. Remember always to make a thorough revision because minor errors can harm your entire work.

Gather another person’s opinion

You should not feel afraid to ask another person’s opinion. You can approach you, friend, or family. They will give their different perspective on how they think about your arguments from an outsider point of view.

You can read to them your work loudly, see if the bored or they understand your point.

You can also approach your teacher or professor. They are the best since they can guide you on how they want the essay to be written. 

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Useful Essay Writing Tips

I believe you know how to write an essay introduction by now. Let me share some informative tips that will help craft an exceptional paper and hack better grades.

Outline first

It may be seen as unnecessarily part, but it is essential. Having a clear outline will help you craft an outstanding paper. Brainstorm your ideas and arguments and looking for supporting sources. You will present a well thought out arguments

Stick to the initial plan

Have a firm grasp of your primary purpose, points, and message you want to deliver. Going off the topic will make your work unappealing and unorganized. You might not produce a clear and concise message

Revise and check your work

After you are done writing, take the time to proofread your work. Ensure your paper if free of spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. It can negatively reflect on the entire work. Also, ensure the article is easily readable and understand.

Format your paper

A suitably formatted paper will be more presentable. You should take time to format ensure you include citations for information from outside correctly, and you have referenced your work.

With the help of this detailed guide, I know you will scale high grades and succeed. Starting an essay is not that hard. Always remember to brainstorm a few great introductions before writing. Once you decide on the most suitable, you are ready to start.

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