Writing a Thesis Statement? Here's What You Need to Know

Posted on: 15th April 2020

It does not matter if it is an accounting dissertation or a college cultural essay, extracting an excellent thesis statement will be one of the challenging portions in the entire paper. It can build or ruin the writers’ complete impression.  It is, therefore, essential for one to know how to write a thesis statement. In this guide, we will be breaking down the purpose of the report, together with the fundamental elements needed in creating a great thesis statement. 

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What Is a Thesis Statement?

Lack of a technical understanding of what is a thesis statement is one of the reasons why students find it difficult when writing their thesis statement. It is tough to grasp that thesis is the most vital line in the whole text. The rest of the paper comprises supporting points that support your thesis statement.

So, what exactly is a thesis statement?  This is the main point or argument which is set out to be proven by the use of tools such as emotional or logical reasoning. It is the source from where your entire paper will grow.  The main aim of a thesis statement for a research paper is to build a claim concerning the relevant discussion topic and defend the claim using analysis, logic, and external sources. 

The writer needs to be well informed concerning the topic at hand for them to have an excellent thesis statement. He or she should have factual proof from other parties who can either be primary or secondary sources and experts before they can create the main account.  This is the reason why it is crucial to carry out research and have the right topic comprehension before you start brainstorming of different ideas. 

Types of Thesis Statements

The primary examples of a thesis statement include:

Expository Thesis Statement 

This thesis statement will try to discuss and explain the facts concerning the topic. 


It is believed that gerbils are an excellent pet for kids since they are cheap and easy to maintain. 

Argumentative Thesis Statement 

Here, you will be claiming the chosen question or topic and try justifying the argument using credible evidence and reasons.  You will also decide on the type of thesis you intend to use.  The proposal, analysis, or opinion could be the main argument. As a writer, you will have to come up with something people can easily disagree on and try persuading them through the entire paper. 


The frustration of the working class with the austere policies which have eroded the fragmented communities and public services is what led to the Brexit referendum.  The referendum did offer an alternative to the status quo. 

Analytical Thesis Statement 

It is not a must you introduce a persuasive argument. Instead, you need to evaluate, interpret, and analyze different aspects concerning the same topic. It needs to add prominent points of the analysis. 


Assessing the Purdue owl thesis statement technique of flight reveals some flight patterns. Those who are connected with the hunting prey together with those which are related to courtship. 

Why Thesis Statement is Important

Use of thesis statement is one of the best ways to enable you to organize your thoughts and help you in narrowing gown your papers’ focus. In case you are aware of the exact things you need to prove, you will have an easy time defending your logic and making valid points. The thesis statement needs the first thing any top writer will create before they start working on any paper. 

You will be able to make your paper focused and logical, while the writing process will be simplified when you have a good thesis statement.  When you have a clear understanding of your essay, you will be able to it in an intelligible and clear manner through the entire paper. 

Your chances of getting an A in the essay will be severe when it lacks a thesis statement. The thesis statement is one of the first things any professor will evaluate in the academic paper and plays an essential part in determining your grade. 

Can the Thesis Statement Be a Question?

You cannot use a thesis statement as a question. The primary purpose of a thesis statement is to help in explaining the contents of the paper. You will never fulfill such a mission when you use a question.  As indicated, this part reveals the arguments a writer has to support using credible sources in the entire text. You can never claim by using a question. A conclusion should never pose any new issue, while the thesis can never be taken as an overarching conclusion. 

What Is the Ideal Length of a Thesis Statement?

How long is a thesis statement?  This is one question most students are always interested in knowing. A thesis statement should not be too long. Since a thesis statement is the summary of the main claim, it should just be made up of a single but complete sentence. However, in certain circumstances, a thesis statement might have two to three sentences. It will depend on the paper’s entire length.  For example, if your essay is made up of five paragraphs, then the thesis statement should be a single sentence. The writer needs to summarize the main idea of the paper within that one sentence. However, when you are writing a twenty-page research paper, you will require more than one sentence since there will be lots of information to cover. 

Where Should I Place the Thesis statement?

For sure, this is one question most writers drool with whenever they are writing their essays.   You should place the thesis statement immediately after the introductory paragraph or before you start writing the body of your essay. 

As I have stated earlier in the guide, a thesis statement always reflects on the central idea of the paper. For sure, any reader will be eager to read it when they are just starting. After making an introduction of your topic, you need to show them the findings or verdict to help in growing their interest. Use the tips below when placing your thesis statement:

  • Never write your thesis statement in the middle or last paragraph
  • Ensure you are crisp and specific.
  • Do not use irrelevant or vague words
  • Do not make it so evident that you are introducing your statement

Elements of a Great Thesis Statement 

Any good essay thesis will consist of the following features.

  • The paper’s main idea which is expressed in a simple sentence
  • The counter-argument to the claim. It is a piece of valid information that helps in supporting your position. Only use it when you have one.

After you have identified the points, it is time to organize them in coherent sentences. Below are informative thesis statement examples that comprise of all the essential elements we have listed above. 


Despite uniforms being able to improve units in schools, the schools should never force students to put them on. 

The statement is based on the fact that uniforms limit the freedom of students. It is a violation of human rights. 

Important points you need to check to help see if the statement is strong: 

  • Very brief and contains valuable information
  • It provides clear arguments showing your opinion
  • Has a logical basis which is backed by valid facts

 Any good thesis statement needs to highlight the claim, topic, and main points that you will be using in your academic paper to help in supporting the claim. 

Here is another example of a thesis statement:


Having stress in fast food workplaces can easily lead to severe emotional, psychological, and physical problems for employees. 

  • Topic is stress
  • A claim can lead to severe problems
  • Main points are emotional, psychological and physical problems

How to Write a Thesis Statement?

Choose a fundamental question to answer and get a concise and more precise response to your thesis statement. All essays must contain a thesis statement since it is the vital element of any paper type apart from the creative writings. 

In most cases, students spend most of their time trying to formulate rough ideas without understanding what a thesis statement should have. Whenever you are writing any type of academic paper, you should create an organized work plan to enable you to complete the task in time. 

Below are essential tips to enable you to formulate a great thesis statement 

1. Brainstorm 

You need to work together with your family members, peers or tutors to help you come up with a list of great ideas where you can create a topic based on them. With this, you will be in a position to create a claim. After choosing an item, you need to narrow down on the idea of creating a clear, concise, and catchy statement. 

2. Formulate A Research Question 

You will have to create a research question which you will answer. For instance, what are some of the main factors that can make one get depressed, and what are the best ways to avoid them?

3. Get an Answer and Take a Position 

After asking a question, you should answer it, showing your opinion. For instance, some of the main factors that can make one get depressed are physical and emotional distress. 

4. Narrow the Focus

We are not in a position of stressing this enough. Any well-written paper should never be filled with general information. The main goal of any writer is to prove a point on their topic. Ensure it is well reflected in the thesis. 

5. Give Evidence and Reasons to Support Your Answer

This will enable you to discover more evidence and different sources that will, in turn, help in furthering the writing steps of your essay. 

6. Make Good Use of Bold Language 

Try to avoid using passive voice to enable you to sound more confident. Consider using apps like Hemingway app that will allow you to prevent wordiness together with other mistakes that will make your work difficult to read. 

7. Have A Great Counter-Argument 

Not all people will agree with the points you will be making or the entire argument. You can combat this by getting strong opposing positions on the thesis. You can then create a challenge to the counter-argument in the body paragraph and explain why your points are better. 

8. Check If It Fits Well 

Writers always decide to create the paragraphs of their bodies before they phrase their thesis statements.  There are situations where a writer may be out to prove a point but end up changing the initial idea. This explains why it is necessary always to go back and ensure the thesis statement fits well with the points. In case you did prove something different from the initial claim, you must fix the argument when revising. 

9. Important Matters

You must understand the significance and value of your thesis. You need to know if the idea you will be presenting will be captivating and exciting to read. Also, you will need to check if the audience is interested in what you will be saying. 

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