How to write a professional essay and put examples in your essay

Posted on: 27th March 2020


Making any type of essay can be quite a difficult task for many students. You have to follow all instructions of your professor for a format, length, style, and tone of your work. Usually, an essay has a 5-paragraph structure where you have to include specific information depending on the type of your paper.

Any kind of paper may need examples to support the argument. If you have to add examples to your essay but don’t know how to do it well, this instruction will be very helpful. We are going to give you many useful tips about including examples as well as explain why you need to put them in your essay. Keep reading our article, we hope you will find a lot of interesting and effective hints here!

Reasons to put examples in your essay

When you put an idea in your paper, you have to include some information to support your own thoughts. Nobody would pay attention to your essay if you just write there your own words without the support of good evidence. So, the main importance of using examples in writing is it helps to support your own thoughts and ideas. Without examples, your paper would be boring and messed up, so people won’t be interested to read the entire essay.

Here are the main benefits of using examples in writing:

  • Examples help to make your work clearer and understandable to readers.
  • They give readers more information and explain things much better.
  • Examples add value to your paper.
  • With examples, you can support your main idea and prove thoughts to the audience.

Situations when should to put examples

When you need to support an idea that you put in your paper, you may include some examples. There are many situations when a writer should put examples in an essay. Here are the main rules of using examples in writing:

  • To support a thesis statement;
  • To support an argument;
  • To provide real facts to readers (including statistics, reports, etc. as examples);
  • To make your writing brighter.

Words used to give examples

Needless to say, you need to use special words to include examples in your work. We want to share a list of linking words you may use to put examples in your paper correctly:

  • For example
  • To illustrate
  • Typical example
  • This is exemplified
  • To give a good example
  • For instance
  • Namely
  • Take, for example
  • Such as

Keep in mind that without using these words, you won’t be able to put an example in your essay properly. If you are going to include several examples in your paper, make sure you use different linking words (it’s better not to repeat them too much).

Ways to put examples in your essay

If you are planning to include examples in your writing, make sure you have created a detailed plan of the paper. You have to understand where, why and how you will put these examples and what ideas you are going to support.

Here is how an essay structure with an example may look like:

  1. Thesis statement
  2. Argument
  3. Example to support an argument
  4. Contrary example to ensure readers the argument is right
  5. Conclusion

And this is another variant:

  1. Thesis statement
  2. An argument to support the main idea
  3. Contrary example
  4. Disruption of the contrary example
  5. Conclusion

You also can use this scheme:

  1. Thesis statement
  2. Contrary example
  3. Discovering the example
  4. Why is the main idea better than a contrary example?
  5. Conclusion

Sentences structure

If you are thinking about using examples in writing, you should know how to make sentences with examples properly. Without fulfilling these rules, you won’t be able to create a successful paper to attract a lot of readers.

There are three general rules for structuring sentences with examples:

  • When you put an example at the end of a sentence. The first half of such sentence contains the argument, and then you add an example after a linking word:

            Argument – linking word – example.

  • It’s possible to place an example at the very beginning of a sentence. Don’t forget about using a linking word to emphasize the example. Here how a structure of this sentence looks like:

            Example with a linking word – argument.

  • You can include an example as a separate sentence. It’s better to put a sentence with an argument at the start, and then add a sentence with an example. A linking word should be included at the very beginning.

            Sentence with an argument. Linking word – example.

Mistakes to avoid

Here are some hints you should avoid when including examples in your paper:

  • Don’t put fake examples (like fake statistics, data, etc.) Such essay won’t attract readers because people will feel something is wrong.
  • Never use those sources you are not sure about to take examples. Such sources can contain wrong information, so you run the risk to make an essay based on fake facts.
  • Don’t try to replace the linked words with something else. Use the list of words we out in this article, they will help you to put examples correctly.
  • Do not overuse examples in your writing. If you will put too many examples, the entire paper would not attract readers. It would look like a set of examples without the author’s voice.
  • Never start writing your paper without creating a clear outline. This will help you to see where and how you should include examples, so you won’t get lost.

More useful tips

Are you still unsure about including examples in your work? We have prepared more effective tips to help you:

  • Start your writing only after you have planned everything;
  • Use only reliable sources to find good examples;
  • Don’t forget about the proper structure of sentences with examples;
  • Make sure you have chosen a right example to support your idea.

Samples of sentences with examples

At the end of our article, we’d like to share some samples how to use examples in your essay properly:

Fast food has a high content of fat and sugar which can lead to serious health issues namely obesity and cardiac disease when eaten in quantity.

Obesity and cardiac disease are typical examples of the health issues that can be faced by people who regularly consume food with a high fat and sugar content.

A huge number of people smoke regardless of the health warnings. For example, around 60% of young people living in Ukraine smoke more than one package of cigarettes per day.

A big number of people smoke regardless of the health warnings. This is exemplified by the 60% of young people living in Ukraine who used to smoke a lot, usually more than just the one pack of cigarettes per day.

Parents should always check their children homework. For instance, if a kid has got a low grade, good parents are not punching him or her, but they would ask what things are not clear for the kid to avoid the same situation in the future.

As you can see, using examples is not so difficult when you know the main rules. We tried to explain various situations, provide you with maximum information and give successful examples. When you have a full instruction about writing, it even becomes interesting to create your future paper. We hope you got to know how to put example in your essay with our detailed guide. Go ahead and create an interesting and successful work using this knowledge! We guarantee you will get the highest grade if to follow all rules.

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